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ecology= the study of interactions among beings and their environment. Biosphere= the portion of cr wareion that supports life. Abiotic factors= non-living move of the environment Biotic factors= living move of the environment Levels of Organization in Ecology: 1. organism ( wholeness thing) 2. population (many things of the alike species) 3. communities (a mix of different species) 4. ecosystem (living things and the environment) 5. biosphere (contains completely ecosystems) habitat= place where an organism lives niche= the billet and position a species has in its environment symbiosis= living to totalher; a kindred between two organisms 1. commensalism= one organism benefits, the otherwise(a) is neither benefitted or harmed. 2. symbiosis= both organisms benefit 3. parasitism= one organism benefits, the other is harmed *energy scarper= 10% is passed on, 90% is wasted autotrophs= producers; suffice provender; plants heterotrophs= consumers; cannot make their proclaim viands Three types of heterotrophs 1. herbivores= only eat autotrophs (plants) 2. carnivores= eat other heterotrophs (meat) 3. omnivores= eat both autotrophs and heterotrophs scavengers= eat dead shove; vultures, buzzards *decomposer= rift down the interlacing compounds of dead and decaying plants and animals into things that can be absent and utilize by organisms. food chain sun->grass->grasshopper->snake->eagle **arrow shows direction of zip fastener work** algae->fish->heron->alligator trophic level= from each one step in a food chain is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
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