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Ang pag-ibig free essay sample

We live in a time where entrepreneurship is finally a focus of a significant number of colleges and universities, and is even reaching into high schools. The question I have is: why has it taken so long for schools to recognize the importance of, and start teaching, students about entrepreneurship? I am proud to say that I learned a lot from my Entrepreneurship subject specially when you start a business you must start small and end more profit. And specially when Sir Abog said that when you start a business we must have first a business planning execution is where the money is at. Write something short, sweet and to the point and get on with it. I always preach about my One Paragraph Start Up Plan as the best way to get started. I learned also on how Strategic partners are not always good ideas. Before you bring on anyone as a business partner, determine if truly partnering is the best option. We will write a custom essay sample on Ang pag-ibig or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Decide if alternatives such as sharing revenue or doing a joint venture are a better fit. Make sure you know everything about the person you wish to partner with, from their political backgrounds to their business ethics. And if you decide to go  ahead and bring on a partner, be sure to create an operating agreement that clearly states what happens in every possible outcome—from a partner leaving to a partner dying. I learned also on how business growth happens in real time. I learned also, no matter how successful you are, accept that you will fail again. Failure is good. It will be your guide to smarter, better decisions. The faster you realize that your business will never be perfect and there is no such thing as smooth sailing, youll grow as a leader as a result. Learned also practice strategic thinking not planning. The best plans can be made obsolete in a minute. I learned also that Entrepreneurship majors learn how to build, promote, and manage their own businesses. They also learn how to apply their creativity and energy to make existing businesses more productive. Learned on how nearly all entrepreneurship programs will require you to take a class in developing a business plan the backbone behind any idea. Your plan will discuss your dream business, your goals, and how you plan to achieve them. A plan will show other professionals how good your idea really is. It will also come in handy when you go looking for money to get started. Banks and investors will want to see it before handing over the funds. I realized that if high schools focused on entrepreneurship, freedom would rule the campus. Entrepreneurship gives students, adults, and even children the ability to express themselves. It would give us the opportunity to see how brilliant young minds really can be and the types of ideas, visions, and goals they have. High school entrepreneurship promotes students to focus less on curriculum and more on their passions, which makes the learning experience fun and far more engaging. By focusing on entrepreneurship, students would truly have the option to pursue their dreams. Passion would be the driving force behind what the reality of a future career or advanced education would mean. High schools would be a place to foster creativity and interest, giving students the opportunity to take action and responsibility for creating their future. I learned also what are Business practices about general business practices that are recommended in maintaining the appropriate accountability structure. I learned also on how to cooked Special Bihon, how to sale into the costumers, how to be a good and nice to the costumers. Entrepreneurship subject helps me how to be a future Entrepreneurship soon , helps to learned Business economic development to our country. Learned also what are the 8 consumers rights like Right to Basic Needs, Right to Safety, Right to Information, Right to Choose, Right to Representation, Right to Redress, Right to Consumer Education, and the last Right to a Healthy Environment. Actually I learned a lot in our Entrepreneurship subject and I am thankfull of our beloved teachers Mr. Marjun Abog and also Dr. Lita Ladera-Jomoc for teaching us on how to be a good Entrepreneurship.

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Theodore Roosevelt Essays - United States, Schuyler Family

Theodore Roosevelt Essays - United States, Schuyler Family Theodore Roosevelt THEODORE ROOSEVELT Theodore Roosevelt was more than just the 26th president of the United States. He was a writer, historian, explorer, big-game hunter, soldier, conservationist, ranchman and Nobel Peace Prize winner. It is not surprising that his life was known as The Strenuous Life. Theodore was born into a wealthy and socially prominent New York family in 1858. Although with a quick mind he was not blessed with a strong body. He suffered from life-threatening asthma attacks throughout his childhood. Spurred on by his father, Theodore began to build up his body by strenuous exercise, and by adulthood he had become a model of physical courage and toughness. Early Political Life. As a young man Roosevelt decided on a dual career; law and politics. At the time, New York politics was dominated by men involved in machine politics. Yet he persisted in getting to know and understand them, while at the same time attending Columbia Law School. Eventually he secured the friendship of a man named Joe Murray who was able to get him nominated as a 21st District State Republican Assemblyman. Together, with Murray's contacts and knowledge of machine politics and his own family and social connections, Roosevelt was able to easily win the election. He was 23 and in Albany. Theodore served three terms in the New York Assembly. Roosevelt was a delegate to the Republican convention, and as a matter of principle he vigorously opposed the leading candidates - James G. Blaine and President Arthur. Roosevelt supported a reformer, Senator George F. Edmunds. In the end Blaine won the nomination, and this put Roosevelt in a difficult position. He did not believe that Blaine was honest, yet if he followed the example of other progressives and did not support him he realized he would be through in the Republican party. He supported Blaine. When Blaine lost Theodore received no political position, and his political career was over. Ranchman Roosevelt not only suffered political defeat in 1884 but deeply personal defeats as well. On the same day both his mother and wife died. These disappointments led to a radical change in Roosevelt's life. He decided to move to the Dakota Badlands to become a rancher. At the time many people thought that this was a good way to become rich. The Dakotas were not like the East - life could be a little wild and woolly. Resolution of disputes was done at the end of a gun, and thieves were often hanged as soon as they were caught. Roosevelt excelled at this rough and tumble way of life and earned the respect and devotion of the men around him. Roosevelt, however, did not excel at making money. He lost about half of his entire capital in ranching. But what he gained was, in the long run, of much greater value. The men he met there were to later join the famous Rough Riders whose exploits were the major impetus to his political success. In 1886 Roosevelt returned to New York to marry a childhood friend - Edith Carow. Together they had a very successful marriage and produced five children in addition to Alice, Roosevelt's child by his first marriage. Politics was still the place that Roosevelt wanted to be, but there were not many opportunities since his party was out of power. In order to support his family Roosevelt spent his time writing. This was not a new vocation for Roosevelt. Equally at home hunting for a book as hunting for a bear he wrote his first book The Naval War of 1812 while in law school and running for the New York Assembly. By the end of his life he had written and published dozens of books. Reformer In 1888 Roosevelt saw his chance to jump back into politics by campaigning for the election of Benjamin Harrison. When Harrison won he appointed Roosevelt to be a Civil Service Commissioner. It was with this job and later as Police Commissioner that Roosevelt made his reputation as a reformer. At the time both the Civil Service and the New York Police Department had serious corruption problems. Roosevelt did his best to clean up the corruption and make things work fairly. For

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Greek Mythology Assignment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Greek Mythology Assignment - Research Paper Example He evidently does not see their humanity and spiritual value, presenting their stories as embroidery on male tales. It is the thesis of this paper that female characters in the Iliad are like trophies, and what they do or say does not affect what happens in any important way. Trophies are awarded for accomplishments and they attest to the competence of the person to whom they were awarded. Trophies are motivators of competition between opponents or groups of opponents. Trophies are useful as launching pads for bragging. Trophies indicate that the trophy holder is a winner, but they give no assessment of how much skill was demonstrated or what the criteria was. Trophies can give a biased picture of the trophy-holder as more than what he/she actually is. Trophies can also become an annoying distraction as they require dusting and polishing, arranging and protecting, all the requirements of object management. Some people buy themselves trophies, so they will look and feel more important and powerful than they really are. Trophies can arouse jealousy in others who have no recognized accomplishments. Trophies come in various levels of quality. Although they usually look elegant, and most often come with a pedestal, some are of a more fragile nature while othe rs last well. Trophies are usually placed in a designated area, such as an enclosed cabinet, a wall of shelves with other trophies, or on a bookcase, and they are kept there in one place, being viewed from a single perspective. These characteristics of trophies, their place and use, apply to the Iliad’s women too. Helen was a top quality trophy. She was intelligent, expressive, self-motivated in spite of tremendous restraints. She was a hated foreigner, inadvertently responsible for the Trojan War and a lot of suffering. She is a captive, possessed object. Being a possessed object was par for the course in the time of the Iliad.

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Executive degree program. Admission essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Executive degree program. Admission - Essay Example So having an executive degree will benefit me and my career and it will develop my management skills as the second or first man in the embassy sometimes who will take care of all the financial and Consular Affairs related to the embassy. My professional goal involves attaining a prestigious position within a reputed organization and drawing a lucrative salary for my work. Also my professional framework would include organizing symposia, conferences, study circles and scientific gatherings; and taking part in overseas or internal conferences, meetings, and symposia appropriate to the aims of the institute. Thus an Executive degree program have been opted by me that will help me to develop the decision making skills and interpersonal skills within myself. (172) 2 What professional achievement are you most proud of? Please be as specific as you can. Being an accountant who works for the diplomatic firm, I would be proud to serve my organization at every difficult situation. Ministry of foreign affairs (where I work) is not 100% a profit organization and here we don’t deal with client. Here we take care of the financial and consular related matters of the embassy. Therefore I will feel proud to provide every kind of service necessary for operating the foreign affairs ministry, which would include handling the financial and banking affairs, investment, foreign trade, framing the budget for the country, maintaining the currency balance, and abiding by the laws of the country. These services would further include cooperating with the government agencies, ministries, public utility, and public authorities and private establishments in the nation in line with the goals of the institute. Further my achievements would involve providing consultation to the ministries, government agencies, public utility and public authorities, private establishments in the nation in line with the duties of the institute, training and preparing the ministry's personnel to handle inte rnational relations, consular and diplomatic work and contributing to the groundwork of diplomats and all staff of the ministry with the necessary proficiency and practical and theoretical capabilities through instructive and training structure and exceptional capabilities development curriculum. Thus my professional achievement would include completion of all the above functions successfully. (222) 3 Please describe a situation where you failed to reach a professional objective or goal, and what you learned from this experience. As an accountant, it is very important to keep track of the exchanged data. Along with keeping track of the data, it is necessary to keep the data updated and communicated. During a budget session a few months back, I failed to communicate the senior managers about the certain changes incorporated within the budget, which happened due to a sudden change of the foreign economic conditions. When the change was communicated later on, my seniors told me that it is a very significant task for an accountant to keep the records updated and inform everyone about the update, who is involved in preparing the budget. Thus from this experience I learnt that data depends on certain market forces and whenever changes take place within those forces, it must be immediately disseminated among all the staff related to the budget. Again it is necessary to gather all the data related to a task and then filtering those data and selecting the essential ones for the purpose of preparing the budget. (169) 4 How do you think you are perceived by colleagues? You can mention 3 strengths and 3 areas for improvement.

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Examine the value of planning given the History of Urban Development Essay

Examine the value of planning given the History of Urban Development in the US from the 19th century onwards - Essay Example The planning is still on, and the American towns and cities continue to exhibit noteworthy and extensive growth. All American cities exhibit high degrees of marvelous design in the way they appear and how they function. Most of the present-day cities started by being centers of particular reasons. Some began as trade centers while others started as storage and manufacture centers. Some cities also started as agriculture and market centers where produce from surrounding lands was kept. In the history of the US also, some cities began at the junctions of large transport routes such as large rivers, ocean ports or large roads. Therefore, it can be shown that most of these cities were planned for. At the time, for example, the leaders of the people decided on the towns that were market centers or those that were administrative centers. This illustrates massive planning over time in the growth of cities. At the start of the 19th century, most of the cities were planned in such a way that they provided protection in times of war. City walls were constructed in such a way that when there was war, the rural populace would hide behind the walls. This was a time when warfare was common in the land. Such walls required massive innovation and planning so that they would serve their purpose.

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Lady Chatterleys Lover by D. H. Lawrence | Book Report

Lady Chatterleys Lover by D. H. Lawrence | Book Report The novel Lady Chatterleys Lover begins by introducing the female protagonist, Constance Chatterley. She was brought up as a bohemian of the upper-middle class, and at 23, she marries Clifford Chatterley, an aristocrat. After their honeymoon, he is sent to war, and returns paralysed from the waist down, impotent. Clifford grows to be an accomplished writer, and many academic men frequently gather at the Chatterleys mansion. The intellectuals turn out to be vacant and seem scared of true feelings, and Connie feels increasingly secluded. She resorts to a short and disappointing affair a writer who comes to visit Clifford. The distance between Connie and Clifford increases as Clifford withdraws into his hollow pursuit of writing and coal-mining. Connie hires a nurse, Mrs. Bolton, to take care of the disabled Clifford so that she can gain freedom, and Clifford begins to depend on the nurse; his maturity waning into an infantile dependence. Connie meets Oliver Mellors, the aloof and contemptuous gamekeeper on Cliffords estate and is attracted to his natural sensuality. She soon discovers that the source of her misery is from not being fulfilled in physical love and passion, and subsequently turns to Mellors. They meet and have sex on several occasions and she has a sexual awakening that changes her thoughts forever. Mellors old wife, Bertha returns and causes a scandal, whilst Connie believes that she is pregnant with Mellors child. Clifford refuses to give Connie a divorce. The novel ends with Mellors waiting for his divorce, and Connie living with her sister, hoping that they will be together. Lady Chatterleys Lover lies in a paradox: it is progressive and intransigent, contemporary and Victorian. It displays Victorian principles, yet it gives the impression that it is expecting the social ethics of the late 20th century in its blunt use of overt profanity. The structure is conservative, following the characters over a set period of time. The characters have a tendency to symbolize a type and be something of a concept, rather than developing authentic traits. This seems to say that Lawrence uses them as allegories to demonstrate his values of sensuality and his irritation with society. The themes of sexual identities and sexual progression are quite common in this novel and each character embodies these ideas. Connie is a woman who grew up to appreciate the sensual and passionate side of a relationship. Her father, Sir Malcolm, told her that it is no good living in an intellectual relationship without sensuality, just as Connie has with Clifford. Her father is in touch with both his imaginative and corporeal sides; Lawrence connects conservative with nonconforming sexual customs. This mix could well be argued as Lawrences ideal, as well as Connies. She is a woman who idealises the thought of cohesion between the body and mind, and cannot live a life with ‘all mind. At first she wants intellectual love, then she wants sexual fulfilment, then she wants a child to love and nurture. Constance (ironically named) is always changing her mind on what it is that will complete and satisfy her in life. I think this is a good example of sexual progression as she only cha nges her mind after learning what more she could gain from a relationship to make her feel like a woman. We learn about the vicious relationship between Mellors and his wife Bertha, who angered him by being sexually aggressive and not tender enough. Through Berthas ‘fault (according to Mellors negative opinion of this), Lawrence seems to be praising submissiveness in women; he appreciates women who allow themselves to be receptors to masculine authority. In essence, satisfaction for a woman is achieved through succumbing to the male. Berthas sexually controlling characteristic hints at feminism she wants to take control of her own pleasure and be sexual when and how she wants. She might have been portrayed differently if the book had been written today. In spite of all of this, his approach to the conventions of sex and the roles of men and women hardly seem progressive. Tommy Dukes, a visiting writer, says that the physical and intellectual cant work together and that men and women have lost their glamour to each other. He seems to be a character that Lawrence believes has the right ideals, recognising the significance of physical love as a fundamental way for men and women to connect intellectually. ‘Real knowledge comes out of the whole corpus of the consciousness; out of your belly and your penis as much as out of your brain and mind. The mind can only analyse and rationalise.'[1] Despite this, he is indifferent about everything he preaches. His theories are pointless without substance and action, and it is as though he does not really believe what he says without practise. He has an inability to go beyond words and seems sexually frigid. It is at the beginning of chapter 6 that it is almost impossible to take Dukes thoughts and emotions as his own. His words overlap heavily with the message of the story: passion is unable to coexist with an intellectual connection. ‘A woman wants you to like her and talk to her, and at the same time love her and desire her; and it seems to me the two things are mutually exclusive.'[2] There is an obvious distinction between Tommy Dukes, with his well-intended but worthless talk on love, and the gamekeeper Mellors, behind whose cold disguise there is an overflow of tenderness and passion. They are polar opposites that reveal different sexual identities Connie faces. Clifford Chatterley is a man who is disconnected from his environment and from other people. He cannot empathise with the workers in his coal mines, seeing them more as cogs in his industry than as men. The paradox is that Clifford also grows to be a servant of his industry, debauching himself in return for success. Clifford also values technology (his sudden interest in the coal mining/working-class community) and the success of his writing over the relationship he has with his wife. He is unable to procreate and he seems to disregard this fact with his intellect by justifying every bodily sensation intellectually. Had he been virile, Connie may not have indulged herself in the newfound excitement of Mellors, but the fact that he is not supplies the most obvious symbol of changing sexual identities in the 20th century the dilemma of the ‘redundant man. It is though his injury in the war has also spoilt his heart. His writings (according to Connie) seem utterly deprived of meaning. I feel that he acts as a figurative character as much as he does as a real character because his physical disability and his lack of sensuality reflect a deeper limitation and emptiness much like post-war England. This is especially highlighted when he and Connie take a walk outside of Wragby. They go from an intellectual chasm to the remnants of an unspoiled, blooming English countryside where Mellors first comes into view. He stands for the earthy, pastoral England, and seems completely mismatched with Clifford and the impassive men who gather together at Wragby. Clifford only begins to think seriously about the local villages and about the coal mines in which the local men work when Mrs. Bolton gossips to him about local affairs. This seems to point out that he needs an authoritative hand to push him in the ‘right direction, even if its just to think seriously about something classed as a masculine occupation. It is ironic that the person to spur him into revitalising the dying local coal industry is a woman. The fact that Clifford grants Connie permission to have sex with another man for an heir surely shows that he is not sexually attached to his wife, and his using this authority over her actually shows what little masculinity there is of him left. It is an ironic and seemingly unconscious struggle for him to demonstrate typically masculine traits whilst impotent. He reasons that sex would not be important or comparable to his and Connies marriage. This, I believe, is one of his biggest faults of transgression as it shows just how differently he regards physical contact, compared to his wife. There is also the complex relationship that grows between Clifford and Mrs. Bolton after Connie has left. Her husband used to work in one of Clifford Chatterleys mines before he was killed and Mrs. Bolton begrudges Clifford for this, though she sustains a respectful manner towards him as she is delighted by her contact with the upper-class. Clifford depends upon her, but scorns her; she is a servant to him, but is also in charge of him, for he is, by himself, helpless. Even though their association is always a master-servant relationship; it begins to take the shape of a perverse mother-child relationship as a result of Cliffords total reliance upon Mrs. Bolton. I think that this is one of the most intricate and mesmerising relationships of the book. The novel constantly shows the contrast between the body and mind by using Connie and Mellors disappointing relationships as examples. Constance is stuck in a relationship with her husband who is ‘all mind and Mellors old wife was too domineering for Mellors to feel masculine. Connie and Mellors are forced to learn more about the coalition of both the mind and body; Connie learns that sex is more than just an ‘accident'[3] and a disappointing act, and Mellors discovers the emotional changes that come from physical love. To summarise, Lady Chatterleys Lover dips into an array of themes which shows how culturally sound it is in the world we live in. It exposes people of all dispositions and fancies and illustrates how relationships between such people form and break. It is a complex book with a concurrent message: the body without the mind is wild, and the mind without the body is empty. [1] D. H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterleys Lover (Ware: Wordsworth Editions Ltd, 2005), p.30. [2] Lawrence, Lady Chatterleys Lover, p. 46. [3] Lawrence, Lady Chatterleys Lover, p. 8.

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The Pit And The Pendulum: Movie Vs. Book Essay -- essays research pape

The Pit and the Pendulum: Movie vs. Book The movie "The pit and the Pendulum" was nothing at all like the book. The movie started out as a man walked along the ocean to enter a huge castle. His sister had moved there when she married Dom Madena, but now she was dead. The castle was used to torture Catholics during the Inquisition. Dom Madena believes that the castle has an atmosphere of torture thick with death, and that led to the death of his sister. The doctor said she died of fright. They buried her in a tomb below the castle. As child Dom Madena saw his father torture and kill his father's brother and his own wife. He accused them of adultery. His father didn't torture his mother to death, he buried her alive. Dom Madena thought that he buried his wife alive. Then one night someone was playing the harpsichord just like his wife did. Another time a servant heard his wife whispering to her. Then one night someone trashed her room. Dom Madena, also called Nicholas, heard his wife calling him. He went through a secret passageway until he entered the room of all the torturing devices. He goes to his wife grave, which they dug up to prove she was dead, and she popped out of her grave. She chased him through the dungeon until they met with the doctor. Then Nicholas fainted, and his wife, who never really died, told him that it was all scheme. She and the doctor were having an affair. He chased the doctor and he fell into a pit and died...

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Foundations in English Literary Studies Assignment 1 Essay

Ozymandias was a powerful king, who ruled with an iron fist. Lines 4 and 5, â€Å"Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown†, â€Å"And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command† shows that Ozymandias ruled with contempt, dominance and conceit. He was a very unhappy man, not forthcoming or humble in any way, as a true king should be. He was however, filled with pride and arrogance. Lines 10 and 11, â€Å"My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings: Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!† depicts his pride and vanity. The manner in which these lines are written, in the first voice, as if Ozymandias himself is telling us of his importance, one last time. In these 2 lines, he is boasting about all his accomplishments, wealth and successes, which accompanied being a king. These lines show that he believed that he was the greatest, and none superior to him. â€Å"Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown† â€Å"And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command† â€Å"Tell that its sculptor well those passions read† â€Å"Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things† The sculptor clearly showed Ozymandias personality and passions on his statue. Even though Ozymandias thought his would rule forever, everything becomes lifeless with time. And the manner in which he ruled was clearly shown on his half decayed and dismantled statue. Human ambition will only take you that far, it’s what you leave behind that truly matters. The words â€Å"passions† and â€Å"lifeless† are placed close together, because your passions and desires are supposed to keep you alive and happy, yet Ozymandias’ passions of despair survived on a lifeless statue. â€Å"The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed†. From what I can tell, the sculptor disapproved of the king’s way of ruling and ridiculed him, but yet he had to create him in stone to be remembered by all. The irony concerning lines 10 and 11 is that Ozymandias will not be remembered as a  great leader and king. What he believed himself to be will not be engraved in his followers, on the contrary, they would probably want him forgotten and his statue left in ruins. A statue is usually a monument erected in honour of a great leader of merit, but Ozymandias was a monument of fear and oppression. The poet is displaying a picture of dry and barren land in the desert. A half sunken body or head decapitated from its legs lying in the sand. There is nothing around these dismantled pieces, nothing for miles. The word â€Å"antique† to me, suggests old, ancient and maybe dilapidated. The poet also uses many words that evidently illustrate brokenness and deterioration like â€Å"trunkless legs†, â€Å"shattered visage†, â€Å"frown†, â€Å"wrinkled lip†, â€Å"cold command†, â€Å"survive†, â€Å"lifeless things†,† despair†, â€Å"nothing beside remains†, â€Å"decay†, â€Å"colossal wreck†, â€Å"boundless and bare† and â€Å"lone†. Lines 12, 13 and 14 portray the degeneration and despair clearly. â€Å"Nothing beside remains, round the decay† â€Å"Of the colossal wreck, boundless and bare† â€Å"The lone and level sands stretch far away† â€Å"boundless and bare†, â€Å"lone and level† and â€Å"sands stretch† Using alliteration in these lines creates and increases the effect of what the poet is saying. It also adds emphasis on the description of the land and on what remains of the mighty Ozymandias. It allows a clear picture and the irony of the end of Ozymandias legacy.

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Diocletian and Constantine Essays

Diocletian and Constantine Essays Diocletian and Constantine Paper Diocletian and Constantine Paper Essay Topic: History Around the year AD300, the Roman Empire was huge; it stretched from Northumberland to the Red Sea. However, the population was not evenly spread. There was a sign of decrease. There are many reasons for this: natural disasters (e. g. plague, famine). Civil wars broke out, barbarians were attacking, there was a constant need for money for imperial uses and the emperors were frequently changing. During these years, the two most important and successful emperors that attempted to solve these problems were Diocletian and Constantine. What was unusual about Diocletian was that he remained securely in power for 21 years. Diocletian s first move was to exalt the person of the emperor (himself), hoping that the throne would be safer. He wanted himself to be worshiped and praised like a god. He recruited barbarians into the army; this solved some of the problems caused by them. Diocletian was a very clever man, whenever he thought that there might be danger, not only from the barbarians but also from the discontented soldiers, he would move to another place where he thought it might be safe. Diocletian also decided that the empire was too big to be governed by one man. Therefore, he divided it into two. He appointed a fellow soldier to govern the western half while he took charge of the eastern. He then subdivided the parts for two assistants. During his throne, he also stabilised and fixed wages and kept prices steady. He called in worthless money and issued a new gold coin called an aureus. Although he was successful during his reign, but when he retired, the empire fell apart again because a civil war broke out. The civil war raged for 18 years, until one of the claimants, having destroyed his rivals and reunited the divided empire and ruled alone. He was Constantine. In AD 306, Constantine became the emperor of the Roman Empire. He had been aware if the problems caused by the Christians, and he knew that torturing and killing them won t solve the problem and would tare the emperor apart. So, one of the greatest things he did to stop the civil wars was to change Christianity from being a forbidden religion into an honoured and protected faith. He had also built walls and war gallery patrols to improve the defence. In AD 330, he found the new capital of the Roman emperor, Constantinople. It took around 5 years to build. What was really strange about Constantine is that he only got baptized when he was lying in bed dying in AD 337, he believed that it would wash off the sins and the bad things he had done. Although Constantine was more successful than Diocletian, but the peace only lasted for 50 years after he died. But they were both very successful in their lifetime.

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Magnesium Oxide Lab Report Essays

Magnesium Oxide Lab Report Essays Magnesium Oxide Lab Report Paper Magnesium Oxide Lab Report Paper The duration of this experiment it is a must to wear safety glasses and lab coat at all times during the lab, even when not working directly with the chemicals r apparatus. 2. Do not touch the apparatus, during the experiment it may still be which further can lead to burns. 3. Be careful around the Bunsen burner, even when switched off they may still be hot! 4. Do not inhale the magnesium ribbon. 5. Do not touch the magnesium ribbon. 6. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling any chemicals. Procedure: 1 . Record the mass of a clean, dry crucible with its lid. Handle the crucible with tongs, not your fingers, to avoid moisture and oil from your fingers being transferred. ) 2. Use fine sand paper to scrape the oxide coating from the surface f a strip of magnesium ribbon approximately 2 CM length. Cut the ribbon into small pieces, place in the crucible, and weigh the crucible, its lid and contents. 3. Heat the crucible in a hot flame for 10 minutes, ensuring that th e magnesium is exposed to air but that no solid escapes. After this time the magnesium should have been converted too white powder. 4. On the electronic balance there maybe leftover substance or tiny materials accounting for total weight of the crucible with magnesium ribbon inside the crucible, with the lid on it Qualitative Observations: Magnesium Qualitative Observations (Not the actual photos of the experiment) Before Heating During Heating After Heating Color Metallic Orange Flame White Light **at different duration of the experiment** White Powder Appearance Shiny thin sheet of ribbon, with an dark grey line in the middle. The magnesium ribbon starts to transform from a shiny metallic color to a white color. Cracks are observed in the white magnesium powder. Data Processing Presentation: Processed Data table The mass of magnesium is deduced by subtracting the mass of the crucible and the lid from the mass of the crucible and the lid with magnesium in the crucible before the heating process. Average of mass of magnesium: Crucible + Lid + Magnesium) ? (Crucible + Lid) Average of mass of magnesium 0. 036Â ± 0. Egg The mass of oxygen is deduced by subtracting before heating total mass of the crucible and the lid with magnesium in the crucible from the after heating process total mass of the crucible and the lid magnesium in the crucible before the heating process. Average of mass of magnesium = 0. 02 grams Conclusion Evaluation: Conclusion: Evaluation: = 00000 x 100 Random error is an error in measurement caused by factors that vary from one measurement to another. When the crucible was weighed with the lid and with r without the substances, we should of kept the same person weigh to keep a constant circumstance and methods used during the experiment and the electronic balancer should be kept the same, to reduce any random error by changing the electronic balancer. Repeat measurements during experiments, to reduce random error enough to get a normal distribution. Mean values will be close to the actual value, which helps reduce random error. Systematic error is where something has gone wrong with the measuring device or method. To reduce systematic error we should apply the correct methods and be thorough tit the procedure for the experiment, be aware requirements of the lab and take precaution during the lab with methods applied during the experiment. To determine systematic error it most obvious in a graph within outlier in the graph. Outlier represents the systematic error. In this case if I were to determine a systematic error during the lab I would consider making a graph which would represent the data collected during the experiment. I should keep these systematic and random errors in my mind when conducting my next experiment to stop these errors to occur again in the experiment.

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Evaluate the Significance of Imperfect Competition Models for Essay

Evaluate the Significance of Imperfect Competition Models for Explaining the Pattern of International Trade - Essay Example This type of market does not operate under the rules of perfect competition. In this type of market structure, a firm has the ability to affect the prices. In spite of being close substitutes, the products can be differentiated and advertising and branding plays a major role in this type of market. A large number of sellers exist in the market. The market structure is characterized by freedom of entry and exit. Monopolistic competition and oligopoly constitute the structure of imperfect competition. Firms that are imperfectly competitive offer many products. The products are offered at administered prices. The price changes are costly and slower. The prime prediction of the theory of monopolistic competition is that firms will produce at the level where marginal cost equals marginal revenue in the short run. However in the long run, the firms will operate at zero profit levels and the demand curve will be tangential to the average total cost curve. Intra Industry Trade Situation wher e there is exchange of similar products between similar industries is referred to as intra industry trade. This is a very common term in international trade where imports and exports of similar product take place. The three types of intra industry trade include trade between goods that are homogeneous, trade between horizontally and vertically differentiated goods. Consider the Krugman’s model of monopolistic competition. This model helps to explain intra industry trade by using economies of scale as experienced by production, products that can be differentiated and heterogeneous preferences between and within countries. The sum of fixed cost and variable cost is the total cost of the firm. Therefore, C= F+cX, where F is the fixed cost, c is the constant marginal cost and cx is the variable cost. So, average cost, AC= F/X+c The demand curve faced by the monopolistically competitive firms is downward sloping. Profit is maximized at the level where marginal revenue equals margi nal cost. The equation of the demand curve faced by a monopolistically competitive firm is X= S[1/n-b(P-Pavg)] Where X= sales of the firm, S= total sales of the industry, n= number of firms participating in the industry, P=price charged by each firm, Pavg=average price charged by each firm, b=parameter of MR. A typical firm that charges the price greater than Pavg, is likely to enjoy smaller share of the market. Another assumption is that S is not affected by P. This refers to the situation where competition in price will simply redistribute the share of the market without increasing the total sales. To determine the market equilibrium, firms are assumed to be symmetric. The demand and cost functions are the same for all firms. An upward sloping relationship is said to exist between the number of firms and average cost of any firm. A downward sloping relationship is said to exist between the number of firms and price charged by each firm. In equilibrium, P=Pavg as all firms are assu med to be symmetric. The demand curve is X=S/n, and AC=nF/S+c. The demand curve can be rewritten as X=(S/n+SbPavg)-SbP where the bracketed term is the intercept and Sb is the slope. Then the marginal revenue is P-X/Sb. MR=MC, therefore, P-X/Sb=c or, P=c+X/Sb. But each firm charges the same price, then, P=v+1/bn. (Cashel, n.d., p. 1). The long run equilibrium takes place where P=AC. This model can be used now to derive the implications of international trade. International trade is

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The design for how mobile social media tackle with Bangor university Research Proposal

The design for how mobile social media tackle with Bangor university Chinese undergraduate student's career issues - Research Proposal Example The large number of the students compounds the manifestation of the problems that students from other countries face in new societies. Integration is a vital process in the development of students in institutions of higher education. Group studies are vital learning techniques that lecturers use in ensuring that students develop holistically, the Chinese students among other students from different cultures face challenges trying to integrate with the rest in their bid to participate in the groups. Participation of the Chinese students thus remains limited to the social and cultural factors that inhibit their socialization. The use of mobile phones coupled with the advent of social media on the other hand has provided the Chinese students with several opportunities to facilitate both their learning and integration in the college. Among the common mobile social media that students use in the college, include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among many others. The social media provide the students with virtual groups. The selection of friends and the development of friends and networks in the social media relies on the likes and preferences that the students exhibit. This implies that a student easily selects friends with whom they share several values. Among the values the students consider in the development of their networks include similarity in career options and similarity in cultures. Additionally, the students readily interact with other students willing to assist them settle in the new society. The mobile social media thus help the students develop into holistic scholars who can interact with others in the society thereby adopt to their new environment. In a summary, the cultural difference presents myriad challenges to foreign students at the Bangor University key among whom are the Chinese students. The University must investigate the trend with the view of providing solutions to some of the challenges that the research seeks to