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Itroduction and rationale Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Itroduction and rationale - Research Paper ExampleShe has six honorary doctorial Degrees (Johnson & Webber, 2010). Apart from her acquaintances in the University of Colorado, jean Watson is a member of American Academy of Nursing. Additionally, she is the president of the National unite of Nursing. The most significant accusationer if her elongated research in the area of gracious science and mankind caring. This point of her career created the profile of Jean Watson. Across the nursing field Jean Watson is widely cognize for her expertise in human caring and science. Her contribution in this field led to her publishing of the Jean Watsons hypothesis on human care. The theory is known as the caring theory which was create in 1988 (Johnson & Webber, 2010). The theory was published in the journal of human science and human care. The rationale of choosing the theory In the selection of the theory and theorists, this particular theory is rare in the field of nursing. Few scholar s fall in made progress in coming up with satisfactory detailed publication on human care. According to Johnson & Webber (2010) human care is a neglected field in the aesculapian field. The power advertize argues that human care is one delicate field that explains the existence of numerous medical examination relationships between patients and their medical practitioners. Human care is also an inclusion of other modes of medication apart from the ordinary medical care (Hiott, 2010). Human care theory is a grand range theory. The Caring Theory While creating the theory, Watson had in mind the motive to capture the medical essence of not a pat3eint but the human surroundings of the patient. To be able to achieve this, she included family care and support in the theory and highlighting how valuable family care is in regards to patient recovery. In words by Johnson & Webber (2010) the caring theory creates and emphasizes on the humanistic aspects of nursing but also with the con sideration of scientific knowledge. The general motive of the caring theory is up(a) the medical and social relationship between patients and nurses. The theory by Watson gives duty to nurses as follows Create a healthy relationship with the patients. Approach patients with a positive motive Promote health through hindrance and medical knowledge Spend significant amount of time with the patients Accept the condition and the patient heedless of their status. Treat patient like innocent and holy creatures Have a positive stature in mind, body and spirit when approaching patients Instill hope and faith in patients Assistance in the getting of the basic needs In words by Hiott (2010) the mood of a nurse in a room is responsible for the perception of a patient towards the environment. It may be bright, dull, small, threatening or secure. The author further explains that these provisions of the caring theory give so much authority to nurses to make patients loose in the medical insti tution setting. The theory is based on four concepts human being, health, environment or society and nursing Johnson & Webber (2010). Human being refers to the patients in need of care and medical attention. Health refers to the medical condition of the patient the type of medication the patient is in need of. The environment refers to the provisions of the WHO regarding prissy handling and state of medical institutions Johnson & Webber (2010). Nursing is concerned with provision of healthcare and taking care of the patient. smorgasbord of the theory In the creation of

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Modernism and Postmodernism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

contemporaneity and Postmodernism - Essay ExampleThe purpose of the essay currentism and Postmodernism is to discuss postmodernism and modernism. Overcoming modernist tendencies, postmodern cult of the city replaces cosmism, value of industrial party - environmentalism, denying mindless nature and asserting the need for harmonious relations between society and nature. Thus, the ideological concept of postmodernism includes the principles of cosmism, environmentalism and post humanism in a culture of active includes sexual minorities, and the ideas of feminism. machination of modernism and postmodernism is the realization of a universal picture of the world, reflecting the human consciousness of the twentieth century, the main birth of which is the new principle of the relation of being and consciousness. Modernism is the style of art and thought in the startle half of the twentieth century. Its critics understood in two ways - in the broad and narrow sense. In the first sense, it represents the totality of artistic movements, schools and trends of aboriginal twentieth century, expressed a departure from the cultural determine of eighteenth - nineteenth centuries, and proclaimed the new attitudes and values. Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Abstractionism, Dadaism, Surrealism - this is an incomplete list of areas of artistic research in the primeval twentieth century. In a narrow sense, modern designates only one direction in art. Modern is a stylistic direction in European and American art of the late nineteenth - early twentieth century.

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Summary and reflection of an Article Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary and grammatical construction of an Article - Assignment ExampleThe authors of the article point out that the issue of discipline-day attendance is greatly influenced by the uncertainty of the outcomes of the matches. Reduced attendance is attributed to increased uncertainty. High attendance is usually witnessed whenever the fans predict that the chances of their team winning argon very high compargond to losing or drawing. This has brought about issues of revenue sharing because revenue sharing is pegged on receipt sales and broadcast rights issues. Poor attendance will mean that on that point will be less revenue to share amongst the stakeholders. However, despite this, intervention measures are less apparent in European soccer. Intervention measures are necessary in order to improve competitive balance. The dynamics of the discernings of this research are complex because television viewers have different preferences from fans who view matches at the stadiums (Buraimo a nd Simmons 154).The findings of this research are rather controversial because the dynamics of watching matches live from stadiums and on television are quite different. I do not agree with the sentiments of the authors when they claim that fans usually attend stadiums because they prefer to see their teams battle it out with teams that they find inferior and easy to beat. This is because whether to watch a match live from the stadium or to watch it from a television from a place of choice all depends on preference. For example, sometimes, in the English Premier League, there are very strong teams that often play together. Just from general observations, it is evident that such matches are usually attended by very many fans. In such matches, it is usually very thorny to determine which team will win the game. This is because both teams playing in such a match are usually very strong and it is difficult to predict which team may win. Despite the item that both teams are

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Company report about wooden chairs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Company report round wooden chairs - Essay Exampletaking care that there will not be any deprivation in the raw materials used by the company and, therefore, its continued progress in providing the required goods to the community. at that place should also be a great balance between the firm and organisation with the social, natural, and economic environments. Challenges do exist in the mentioned fields of interaction with the firm. The corporate governance and strategies of a business have a number of social responsibilities and have to follow the specified ethics. The future prospects and the bottom line of many industries and companies imposition within the social and environmental issues surrounding the firm. The social and environmental issues can present opportunities that would be crucial for the future success of the business while at the same, time they could be a source of lay on the line that can result to the failure of the business.The best environment for furnitur e such as wooden chairs depends more often than not on the priorities of the caretakers and the resources available. They function as an acting balance between them. Nothing perfect has ever been rig for anything. However, there are conditions that are there that contribute towards more or less deterioration or else are the artefacts of preservation. However, the best balance within an organisation has its optimal point of the environment. An environment with a temperature of about forty degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of approximate 50 percent is conducive for furniture and wooden items. The other conditions relating to the well-processing and storage of wooden chairs is the provision of an optimal environment in terms of the dark anaerobiotic environment free from contact from other items and people.On the other hand, the term environment could also be used to mean the various working relations with the firm that in one way or the other affect the success of the firm (N elson, 2008). It may be used to mean the market environment, the governance relations with the

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Evolution of Death Penalty in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Evolution of Death Penalty in America - Essay ExampleThis paper illustrates that in American decease punishment history, the first execution was recorded in 1608, and the victim was Captain George Kendall in the Jamestown colony of Virginia. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 3,859 persons were executed under civil jurisdiction in the unite States from 1930 to 1967. During this head, nearly 54% black and 45% white were executed whereas the remaining one percent was members of opposite racial groups including American Indians, Chinese, and Japanese. In this period, the number of executions in the state of Georgia re granted more than nine-spot percent of the national total. As Melissa points out, the number of executions in other US cities including Texas, California, and New York were 297, 292, and 329 one by one between 1930 and 1967. In addition, the US Army executed 160 persons during the same period. In the 1960s, the fundamental righteousness of the shoemakers last punishment was widely questioned throughout the United States. Much legal personnel suggested that the capital penalisation was cruel and unusual and hence it was unconstitutional under the Eighth Amendment. In the late 1960s, the arbitrary lawcourt restructured the way the capital punishment was administered. In 1971, the move held that dealing with capital sentencing discretion was beyond present human ability and later on the legality of the stopping point penalty was again discussed before the overbearing Court in 1972 in landmark case Furman v. Georgia. (408 U.S. 238) (DPIC). The Court stated that since the jury had the power of fatten sentencing discretion, it might result in arbitrary sentencing. On 29th June 1972, the Court held that existing death penalty statues were no longer valid and therefore, the Court voided 40 death penalty statutes, and suspended the death penalty practice in the US. The overall holding in Furman reflected that particular capital sent encing statues were save unconstitutional and it influenced the Court to rethink about the legal validity of death penalty. As a result, the Court allowed states to rewrite their death penalty statutes to abolish the issues cited in Furman. Although around stats eliminated all unguided jury discretion by mandating death penalty for those convicted capital crimes, the Supreme Court held that this practice was unconstitutional. Some other states provided sentencing guidelines for the judge, and this practice allowed the introduction of change and migrating factors in determining sentencing (DPIC). The Supreme Court approved these guided discretion statues in 1976. The ten-year moratorium on death penalty was ended on 17th January 1977 with the execution of Gary Gilmore. Finally, the state of New York also enacted death penalty law in 1995.In response to the increasing objections against capital punishment, the US Supreme Court has framed nigh strict regulations on death penalty. A s Johnson (2001) points out, one of the recent developments in the state of Texas is that it passed a short letter of banning the execution of mentally retarded persons. The recent death penalty cases add to the earliest Supreme Court cases addressing capital punishment. While analyzing US death penalty data, it is evident that the highest number of executions was occurred between the period 1999 and 2005. However, the recent data verbalise that the number of executions have significantly declined during the last five years. In 2009, only 37 persons were executed and this figure represents the least number for the last decade (DPIC 2). The current Court practices show that it rarely sentences death penalty. The recent cases including Penry v. Johnson, Director, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Institutional Division, Atkins v. Virginia, and Roper, Superintendent, Potosi Correctional Center v. Simmons are some of the

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Grammar and composition Pet peeve Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Grammar and authorship Pet peeve - Es plead ExampleJust a few minutes will non hurt you at all. I am ___ and I will talk about my pet peeve. If you dead interrupt me when I am claiming something, or when I am obviously concentrated on a particular task, you will get killed by poisoned arrows from my gaze or receive sarcastic responses to headless questions.I think hard before and even as I speak. I do non throw words carelessly like crumpled paper missing the trash as its target. The thinking-before-and-while-speaking change is an arduous and sophisticated process for me. It needs and involves order, analysis, and reflection.I frequently speak because I want to say something burning(prenominal). Oftentimes, I want to defend my ideas or claims, or give instructions to others. These arguments and instructions are from my instinct and subconsciousness, so it is important for these words to flow out continuously. Interruptions are the bane of my creative juices. Attention and p arsimony will be gone, and I will be loss for words.When I am also doing something, I devote my whole body and mind on it. I remember I was writing a disorder letter to a company, when my dear cousin interrupted me. I forgot a very important detail, which I believed was crucial to my complaint. I could not remember that lost detail up to now. And up to now, that complaint remains unresolved.Point 2 I admit that I entertain memory retrieval problems, so interruptions stress me to the point that my look alone will feel like arrows on your skin, or my responses to unthinking questions will result to sarcasm.Interrupt me and arrows will come from my eyes. You will feel yourself shrinking, as I say Can you not wait? I am speaking and you will have your turn. Now that you have interrupted me, you twisted my sanity and dislodged me from humanity. And then I will smile to dissipate tension. After that, I will say, Please do not interrupt me again. What do you have to say that is

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National network, local stations- who better serves the listeners Essay

National network, propositional anaesthetic stations- who better serves the listeners - Essay ExampleThis paper analysis this article highlighting the main points by the author, why the topic is significant and raises several discussion questions for further analysis of this article.The issues raised in article is the sorrow of advertisements to take into account of the black market segment which as the research has shown have serious implications on success of an organization. There has also been raised the issue of the nature of advertisement. Originally, advertisements were racist as they mainly focused on the white market segment. By doing this, the advertisers locked away a potential market. Considering that the black community is the mho largest race in America, failing to incorporate them in a companys marketing dodging makes the company lose a considerable potential market. The African American would definitely be repulsed by racist advertisement and look for products t hat are free of this segregation or those which that they can identify with. This topic is significant because today we are living in a highly competitive business climate. play along is looking for areas where they can get a competitive advantage over their rivals. One way of doing this is increase their market scope. The black market provides a potential untapped market which when tapped can athletic supporter a company have considerable growth. The article shows how the local radios had been used by company focusing their products on the black community and they have been successful. The success of a company depended on its ability to expand into wise markets and maintaining the existing ones. Getting insight into how other companies has successfully penetrated the ignored black market can help a company expand and grow.Is there a need to adopt the products for this market in hurt of differentiation and prices? This is considering the fact that in the contemporary world, peop le of the black race are not barely found in the lower end of earning but they cut across all levels of

Project planning and control Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Project planning and dictation - Essay ExamplePlanning and control is constituted by four main activities that include scheduling, loading, sequencing and monitoring, and control. Whereas scheduling is about the timing of operations, loading involves the amount of money of work to be done according to available capacity. Sequencing, in turn, involves the order in which the work is to be done (Johnston, Chambers and Slack, 2007). Consequently, monitoring and control involves ensuring that all the other members argon going according to plan. Organizations are frequently involved with processes, movement of materials, finished goods and services that need seemly planning and control. It is, and then, important to either firm that wants to effectively perform and compete in todays highly sophisticated useable business environment (Kerzner, 2009). To successfully coordinate all functions in line with an organizations goals and objectives, commission is increasingly being faced wit h the need for proper planning and control. Managers, therefore, need to properly understand the prefatory components of proper planning and analysis of projects. ... All these day-to-day activities of a project coordinator therefore need proper planning and control techniques, and hence my interest in this discipline. As a project coordinator, I therefore feel most aligned to the selected topic. Effects / Benefits Having time perioded out my work as a project coordinator as the main reason for identifying the topic, it is important also to point out the effects or benefits it has on my personalised objectives in line with my career. First is the issue of scheduling as discussed in the overview of the selected topic. My work as a project coordinator usually involves a lot of allocations and timing for various events, processes and individuals involved. A critical and comprehensive overview of the component that forms an important element of my daily operations is therefore of gr eat benefit to my work as a project coordinator because it further equips me with the technical as well as the theoretical knowhow on the subject. The success of every project relies on proper planning, and no project coordinator can ignore planning (Carmichael, 2006). Planning, in turn, depends on appropriate scheduling and control measures that have been put in place to ensure that it succeeds. Another area of project coordination is that of preventing risks associated with failures or uncertainties that are associated with unrecognized future drawbacks in the course of planning. Proper control measures learnt in this topic such as demand forecasting and push or pull control mechanisms give go a long way in ensuring that my work is based on an enlightened point of view rather than working towards a failure. Moreover, managing the staff for a

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Financial management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Financial management - Essay display caseShareholders are interested to know if the risk they took in investing in the political party provided returns that increase the riches not only of the alliance but also of the shareholders as hearty. II. Critical evaluation of corporate giving medication of a selected company The company that is the subject for evaluation of governance in this paper is Leeds PLC. Leeds PLC is the concourse has been generally engaged in textile processing, specialising in fabric printing and yarn dyeing, and by 1996 had manufacturing operations in UK, Holland and Italy. Leeds Groups trading operations are conducted by Hemmers-Itex Textil Import Export GmbH. Hemmers is based in Nordhorn, Germany and has a Chinese subsidiary based in Shanghai. Together these companies employ some 120 population and achieved fabric sales of 13.1 million linear metres in the year ended 30 September 2009 (Leeds Group 2012). Inferring from the annual report of Leeds PLC, it can be said that the company is conservative in applying its price. Conservative in applying cost meant providing generous allowance for expense to have a more accurate and realistic cost of the company. In fact, Leeds PLC may be one of few companies who are honest enough to theorize a s of ?454,000 in the fiscal year 2012 (Leeds Group PLC 2012) that would be seen by its shareholders. It is tough for the company to reflect a loss on annual report because it may not sit well with the shareholders who competency withdraw their investments in the company and leave the company broke affecting not only its fluidity but also its financial position. The company recognized its loans and receivables at its fair value and subsequently carried at amortised cost using the effective interest rate less provision for impairment (19). Impairment is the obstruction of the part of counter party or default or crucial delay in payment. This is significant to mention because Leeds PLC recognize t he risk associated in loans and receivables with the provision of impairment which a typical company may not recognize because this could mean an expense that will deduct income. It also reflect as live liabilities cash and cash equivalents that have maturities of three months or less which a less prudent company may hesitate to reflect it in their current liabilities because it will adversely affect their profitability ratio. The company can also be construed as prudent and perhaps more ethical in its intake because it made no contributions to political parties but rather donated to UK charities amounting to ?250,000. It also tests its goodwill whether it has suffered any impairment which is a good business practice because it helps the company to remain a going concern in the future. III. guess Corporate governance is the business practice of organizations being more mindful to their responsibilities to future generations as well as stakeholders, government and the general publ ic. Until recently, there is a growing trend that organizations success are not only measured in financial terms but also in the socially liable practice of f corporate governance because such practice has also economic value (Kemp 2011). such(prenominal) ethical corporate governance are also to be incorporated in Company tender Responsibility (CSR) which Moir defined as the enlightened self-interest or a moral approach united to social expectations (2001 17). IV. Relation between performance and corporate governa

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Americans should have more holidays and longer vacations Essay

Americans should have much holidays and long-lived vacations - turn out ExampleAmericans deserve more holidays and longer vacations than are being given to them currently.Americans should have more holidays and longer vacationsThe Americans deserve more breaks and longer vacations. It is because they work hard and thus need time to satisfy themselves as salutary. Americans really believe in the dictum of providing themselves more holidays and longer vacations because they have to come back swimmingly towards their work domains and give their best concentration towards work ethos and realms. More holidays are required because the Americans work actually hard and devote their own selves whole-heartedly towards their work ethos (Author Unknown, 2011). It is of paramount importance to know that they will be requiring more in terms of vacations because they have to refresh themselves. Americans deserve more in terms of their fun and cavort related activities as they help them to enj oy with their family and friends on different locations within America as well as the rest of the world (Monroe, 2010).

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Research Paper based on company of your choice except Walmart

Based on keep company of your choice except Walmart - Research Paper ensampleNext section of the study will discuss the major milestones for the company. Time Period Milestones 1905 snuggle took everyplace Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company. 1920-1944 near shut polish operation in many plants and invested capital in first appearance Nescafe. 1945-1974 In this era, Nestle took the strategic decision to diversify its product portfolio. They took over Alimentana in order to dismiss Maggi. Nestle invested money for becoming one of the largest shareholder in LOreal. 1975-1979 Nestle took initiative to enter in pharmaceutical industry with the help of buyouts and strategic acquisition decisions. The company acquired Alcon Laboratories in order to enter American pharmaceutical industry. 1980-1994 Nestle used the acquisition strategy in order to gain height, breadth and knowledge of its food product portfolio. The Vevey based organization acquired food giant Carnation in order incre ase depth of the product line. Nestle enhanced the strength of the Nescafe brand by launching Nespresso which was a kind of espresso coffee. 1996-2005 Nestle diversified its agate line into nutritional and health division. The Swiss company entered into of health, nutrition and wellness business segment with the help of series of merger and acquisition activities. 2006-2009 Nestle took few major steps like acquiring nutritional division of Novartis, establishing shared value forum in different countries, trimming down the value chain for bottled water segment in order to increase sustainability and profitability of business. 2010-2012 Nestle launched cocoa Plan for supplying disease defiant plantlets to their value chain partners. (Source Nestle, History) SWOT Analysis & touch of External Environment Strengths Strong Brand equity is the major strength for Nestle. The company has established safe brand presence with the help of its diversified product portfolio. The Swiss giant offers more than 4000 brands to customers which talks nearly the product diversification capacity of the company. The company is the market leader in more than twenty cardinal product categories like confectionery, pet care, coffee, bottled water, frozen meal, nutritional division and dairy products. Nestle has achieved leadership put down in non-alcoholic beverage market with the help of products like Milo (energy drink), Nestle Pure Life (bottled water), Nescafe (coffee) etc. Nestle Pure Life is the highest selling bottle water brand in the world. Top brands of the company are growing at a rate of 10-20% annually which proves the strong brand equity of Nestle (Market Line, Nestle S.A). Research and development capability is the major strength for Nestle. The company has established more than thirty two research and development centers across five continents in order to incorporate high full point of diversification in product offering. The Vevey based company operates busine ss with the help of three hundred operation groups in order to develop products in accordance with the local market preference. Weaknesses Major weakness of Nestle is its inability to generate gross from all the markets it caters to in equal proportion. For example, 58% of Nestles revenue comes from its operation in developed countries like USA, UK and other European countries (Market Line, Nestle S.A). The company is facing paradox in maintaining its revenue growth in European

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Prject Management review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Prject Management review - Essay ExampleThe ii major categories of estimation atomic number 18 Macro or Top-down approach and Micro or bottom-up approach (Sihombing).The Macro or Top-Down approachThis approach is used to make a nimble and rough estimation of project greet and clock time, when the time and expense of a detailed estimate are some issues. Often macro approach is carried out during the conception stage as in that respect is no full protrude or Work Breakdown Structure available. The macro approaches may have blue chances of inaccuracy and therefore, only well experienced force out can do the estimation. With the help of a similar introductory project, the estimation becomes easier. As Gray and Larson (2008, p. 134) point out, the expenses for the firstly subunits of the new project would be proportional to foremost subunits in the previous project. The Micro or Bottom-UP approachThe Micro approach takes the project design and a roll-up of Work Breakdown Struct ure elements into consideration (Project management). As it is a detailed approach, it requires manifold personnel and much time to complete the process. If the bottom-up estimate is done properly, it can yield accurate cost and time estimates. The costs for the higher level units are obtained by rolling-up the estimated time and cost connected with the final level Work Breakdown Structure packages. And this approach renders the most accurate estimation within the time devoted to developing the estimate. Factors affecting the estimation of Cost and Time There are some(prenominal) portentous factors that affect the estimation of project cost and time. The most important factors are Task Definition The extensiveness of the definition of the project helps to determine whether all tasks have been taken into account. Project Structure The structure compacted with a dedicated project team will always focuses on the effective completion of the project. Padding there are chances of inc reasing the estimates in order to consider the unknown risks which in turn may apparent movement an unwanted trade-off. Culture It refers to the acceptable behavior of the organization which influences the estimation. Downtime It is the lapse of time which affects the time estimate repayable to equipment repairs, holidays, vacations, etc. II An Ideal Approach According to Rosenau and Githens (2006, p. 133), planning, estimating, and resourcing are the most important elements of a fortunate project and these elements may seem to be separate issues, but required to be conducted in twin as they directly influence each other. Estimation of time and cost is needed per each guinea pig of resources for every part of the work to be done. An ideal approach from the part of the project manager would be to hold all the different elements and criteria together in a multi-dimensional model. The project manager should make undisputable that the estimation is done by a person who is most fami liar with the task. And if possible, it is better to collect estimates from several people and find the variation of risk assessment. In order to avoid the group think, multiple estimates must be conducted independently. The project manager should use consistent units while estimating task time and the estimates should be based on normal conditions. The

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Focus on a single management issue of an organisation (United Nation Essay

Focus on a single management issue of an organisation ( united land or Interpol) - Essay ExampleWhile discussing the below mentioned case we can consider how different positioning of organization behavior comes into play to solve the issue, whether it was solved effectively or not and if not what superfluous can be done to solve it properly. The case study that we will be discussing is about the United Nations The United Nations Competencies, Integrity and core value Reform for the Future Organization Overview Hanhimaki (2008), in his book gave a short but insightful introduction of the United Nations. According to his study we the people of the United Nations was the gather in line behind the formation of the United Nations. It was founded in the year1945 with four major aims. These were to ensure that no warfargon takes place between the countries and there should be peace and harmony ensure that people have trust in fundamental human rights all around the world in every count ry It should chase that burynational law of nature being respected and followed by every country and finally ensure a better standard of life and promoting social progress. The basic problem of the UN was there from the day one. Although, foundation of this luggage compartment reduces the risk of another world war but it was unable have control over inter fights within the countries (Like in middle east Asia). The fundamental human rights were all time low in South Africa for a long period of time, but a not able to ensure that its law helps the people to overcome this issue. So , there are a few drawbacks and limitations also in the utilization of the UN. (Hanhimaki, 2008, pp. 1-3) Present concerns related to the UN According to Mead (2012), bribely Untied nation is a tooth slight organization, which is being flouted and unheeded more often or not by different countries. The consequences of different resolution taken by the UN are almost nil. The greatest example of that is the recent visit of the UN team in Syria, where theyre greeted with artillery barrages. Countries the like Iran , North Korea give no importance to the UNs resolution. According to him, the UN is less prestigious and less potent comparing to that of the 1940s and 1950s. Mead in his study pointed out following reason due to which the UN is becoming less important for the countries worldwide. These are, The toothlessness of its resolution as more and more government simply ignoring it (Mead, 2012). Incoherence of the UN The function of the UN is establish on one idea that the different governments of different countries are very(prenominal) in some literal sense in some parameter, So the power of voting in the general assembly is same for example in case of India as well as Chad.With the increase of irrelevant and small states in the UN assembly, the effectiveness or importance of its decision started to lose its value (Mead, 2012). Outdated Policy and process are one of the majo r concerns of the UN. The security council of the UN is still based on 1945s compromise between thats time political powers like USSR, UK, and USA. China and France were not the major power that time. But at present the permanent members of the Security council of the UN are not the only great powers of the world. Countries like japan and India being the super power not the member of the UN, so they dont take the decision seriously (Mead, 2012). The UN is modify with the representative

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Decision in Paradise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Decision in Paradise - strain ExampleThe familiarity was establishing itself on an island located in south Pacific. My post at this very reputable company is the senior business executive. I am the personal assistant to the company manager who is Alex. Chris, my other friend is the proprietor and the owner of Marvel Construction. My core responsibility as an executive is to unearth the problems at Kava and eradicate them so that the company can attain its goal and fulfill its mission on this most difficult island. However on my arrival at Kava, I realized that my dream did non exist. It was shattered. It was after all not the paradise I had thought it was.Kava is an incapacitated island country determined in the South Pacific. This island is experiencing very hard times and someone should rescue it soon. The island quickly needs reconstructive memory in many areas. Kava Island is aged 15 years and below. It is a culturally diverse island with a combination of people with 50% c oming from innate tribes, French, Americans, Africans, and Spanish. The people of Kava are basically of indigenous belief. As a matter of, 50% of the people have an indigenous faith while the tolerate is a mixture of English, French and Spanish. The main economic activity is farming of spices, cocoa bananas and coffee. They also are involved in extraction of petroleum.Marvel Construction Company is one of the largest edifice companies with an international reputation. The company has over 20 branches across the US. Since its establishment 20 years ago in Nevada, Marvel construction company has expansively grown through the setting up of new premises and expansion of the real ones. Marvel is focused on creating loyalty and value with its clients through the provision of outstanding services, fine products and technology advancement.The mission of Marvel Construction Company to the people of Kava is to bring forth prosperity, and establish a

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Sophocles Antigone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sophocles Antigone - Essay fashion modelLike for example stop signs in places that do not warrant them. I have to combine that there may perhaps be occurrences where I have overlooked them. Be no defect that I recognize the need for safety but there are just those that seem superfluous and unnecessary. The general thought that comes to my mind is the ardent belief that I am doing the right thing and that I was not blinded by personal misconceptions and that fundamentally no one will be hurt. I imagine that people will actually benefit from my acts and others may perhaps be enlightened. I deal out that I may not always be right but there are moments when I have to be in the right. In this regard, I identify more with Antigone who has sacrificed herself to uphold what she believes in and refuses to be subjected to any law from the oppressive Creon. Her refusal to be subdued by restrictive orders is admirable in the gumption that she honors her independence more than anything, even her life. To be able to live by ones take in virtues properly guided by ethical standards of morality is the greatest law anyone could

Enlightenment and Modernity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Enlightenment and Modernity - Essay ExampleKnowledge was further advanced through the part of scientific method. All these avenues provided the perfect chance for humanity to gain considerable insight into some of the unsung quarters of the world. Enlightenment is typically a process of promoting skepticism, science and intellectual interchange as unconnected to the use of superstition and blind faith.It is characterized by the flourishing of stronger social institutions which argon well defined to get over the needs of humanity. There is certainly a strong interconnection between enlightenment and modernity considering that both processes and periods were characterized by some smorgasbord of change towards organized life. As Kant defines enlightenment as a kind of release, it is seen that a great connection certainly exists between enlightenment and modernity considering that the latter aspect alike connotes a process where man is removed from his social cocoon. Modernity in t his regard can to a fault relate to the intellectual culture and shift towards secularization and postindustrial life. Both enlightenment and modernity are basically associated with intellectual and cultural movements (Hoffman & Graham, 2006).The connection between enlightenment and modernity can be seen in the different realms in which the latter word is used. In political parlance, modernity was initially seen as the tooth root shift from the Aristotelian mode of political analysis towards a more realistic political analysis. This suasion mas initially advanced by people like Machiavelli who strongly believed that different situations in the course of lead call for different approaches.

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Conference Decision Week 1 Case Analysis Essay Example for Free

Conference Decision Week 1 character Analysis Essay1) Define the decision problem?This case describes the problem of an accounting system exploiters conference cannot be held on time due to the Hurricane Katrina, and the management has to come up with a decision of either moving to a new location or to switch to other dates downstairs all circumstances at a short period of time.2) What is the general nature of the problem?The closely significant aspect of the problem is that due to the Hurricane Katrina, the conference will probably not be held, and the stopping point minute announcement of switching location will addle the company lose customers and reputations due to the cancellation of pip and hotel and all other costs. 3) What event triggered the situation?In fact we see from the root, Hurricane Katrina triggered the situation which is an irresistible inbred disaster. Actually I believe that the management board should be liable for this situation as hygienic since t he weather is foreseeable, why wouldnt able for them to prevent this situation, for instance, they can make a plan B in case the unforeseen event happens.4) What are the imposed constraints on the situation?The imposed constraints from the attendees who had postpaid the attention feewill have to decide if they will still go to the conference, the fact is that pack might have to change or cancel their flight and hotel which might be a strength cost, or they are not coming at all which might affect companys profit and reputation because if the location or dated has been rescheduled, they maybe not attend. Furthermore, things that considered being constraints are things cannot be controlled, such as the unforeseen natural disaster, hurricane.5) What are the underlying elements of the problem?The underlying elements can be for instance, the city has been destroyed by the hurricane and it will cost some time to rebuilt the fundamental, also for the company, it takes time to organize the conference. During the process, the company might lose profit from the disaster.6) Describe the dependencies on other decisions?Attendees are expecting the sponsor to make a satisfied decision with regarding to the current situation. However, it is easy to neglect important factors, miss desirable options, or base the decision on unreliable information. Companys dependency is the profit lost from the prepaid attendance as well as the potential new customers.On the other hand, the conference attendances dependencies are looking for their business opportunities from the conference, and to find a better way to prevent the handsome from not going to the conference.

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Creative Writing Aptitude Essay Example for Free

seminal Writing Aptitude Es study be a source is whatever(prenominal)one who determinations bandage of music on a regular basis. You take amodal value to be a writer before you hatful be a good writer. Its close being good or at least good enough. But students dont attend themselves as writers at all because they have been structurally defined as deficient. This means that a student is someone who does not write up to a certain standard of performance with faculty member discourse. A writer does not simply write at someone elses command only if on their own initiative. So as a writer and a student you need an independent plan into which you fit into a certain break upn curriculum and writing assignments. That doesnt mean you should be single-minded, barely rhetoric and composition postulate be a place where students should con berthr they need to take control for their educational experience. Rhetoric and composition have be generate a dissipate of how we do fu nctions since we have been young. We argon eventually taught in school the types of writing we will need to use in our everyday situations to help us communicate to others for a particular purpose and effectively.This writing informs, persuades, or explains what it is we need the audience to know or come a counseling with. R C studies use academic essays, papers, memos, or class handouts while germinal writing studies primarily create literary works. Students are not in that location to compare one another as writers, artists, or human beings in general. It is a way for each of us to develop our own writing style and self- sight upion. It builds up the individuals ability to express his or her own thoughts and technique more clean-cutly by engaging into writing to withdraw our mind working. productive writing and compositions studies proposem to operate with a distinct sense of a constituency for its teaching, an audience for its writing, and a melt down it performs (Lard ner, 770). Creative writing is a way to express what you feel inside your heart or the ideas that are in your head. It gives the writers a means for expressing their views of their surroundings and their world. Individuality exists in creative writing because the work is neer the same as someone elses. It is a psycheal expression that comes from each individual writer at each individual moment.However, the true test of creativity occurs when the writing can be said to give lecturers an experience. For that the reason the writing is called Creative because it creates an experience in the minds of its readers. Examples of some these writing forms are poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. distributively form has its own concepts involved with R C because creative writing uses your self-expression as a volumed part of development than formality. Lets run short off with poetry. rime is possibly the most(prenominal) door-to-door way we have of expressing ourselves.Poetry wo rks at a deep level of feeling. To feel emotion is at least to feel. The crime against life, the worst of all crimes, is not to feel (MacLeish, 66). Poetry opens up your emotions and helps you express anything through the use of metaphors, images, and feelings. Often the poet operates by suggestion and implication as well (Adams, 11). Poetry starts in odd phrases, an image, a tune in the head, a deeply incoherent pain. The originating emotion still congests the lines or, in striving for uniqueness, the work becomes untidy, exaggerated or confused.So each property (meaning, association, weight, color, duration, shape, texture, etc. ) changes as quarrel are combined into phrases, rhythms, lines, stanzas and eventually completed poems. Out of those properties the poetry is built, even if the end cannot be altogether foreseen. In responding to what has been written feeling it, understanding it, and extending its potential with imagination, honesty and sensitivity that very fine lin es, birdcall use, ample sympathies, kindness of heart and a consideration for the human condition become native.But poetry is nothing without extended labor. In contrast to the development of a delicate tension between speaker and subject, between various parts of a poem and between the feelings warring within the speaker, thither in any case can be a considerable looseness and vagueness (Adams, 15). You can either have a clear understanding of what you think the poetry is portraying or you can be at a complete loss. Poetry trains the personality needed to be an artist, an unlimited capacity to be honest and take pains. It calls for self-criticism, which becomes essential as a writers talents develop.Criticism overly hones skills that involve the poets needs by close reading, miniature and evaluation. It also requires the analysis and growth out of the very development between audience response and the poet. The poet writes to an audience representing esthetic perfection rather than to a reader chosen at random (Adams, 143). Poetry whitethorn be complex, requiring a good deal of sorting out, but there has to be an immediate impact of some sort that allows the reviewer to be in awe. Poets need to know whats been through before, and how comparisons may be objectively undertaken.The next form I will discuss is fiction. Fiction is most definitely my favorite. The first thing you need to know is the age group you are writing for. You can write for children, teenagers, young adults, adults, etc. This is perhaps a really important step before writing because you need to know what your audience requisites and expects. After you have selected your age group and so take the time to see what is out there in the age range that you want to write for. If the current rage is spaceships and outer space themes then writing about cowboys just wont cut it unless the cowboy is somehow swept into outer space.You also need to research what you will be writing about because s ome of the time you wont know much about the topic youve chosen. Research gives you a chance to investigate all those subjects youve invariably wanted to know about and it gives the breath of life and authenticity to your work (Kubis, 150). Once youve done some research, now it is time to get started. Remember all fiction has a beginning, middle and an end. You need to start your falsehood at the halt that something happens to change it all by giving your characters a problem.It must be a worthwhile dilemma. For example, a girl who wants to move out of her parents provide and is trying to find an apartment that she really wants when her parents refuse to help her because she can do it on her own is not an interesting problem. On the other hand, a lady who has three days to move out of her parents house is a more intriguing problem. Give your audience a reason to support your main character. You want to achieve a character that is so real, so human, it seems inevitable that she does the thing youve determined she must do (Kubis, 49).Your story should progress toward the middle, the climax of your story. The hero had to solve the dilemma herself, without having outside forces do it for her (Kubis, 3). It should climax into a problem that is worth caring about, and it should influence the outcome of the story but it does not necessarily resolve the story only provides information that leads to the resolution (kubis, 113). From there you need to let the readers know how it was adequately resolved with a despotic result or a defeat. Then there is view point is which the story being told.Who is say the story or through whose eyes is the story being related? Is it a narrator, the main character, a secondary character? Once you start with a viewpoint stick with it. Do not pitch from character to character. alike stay away from over used phrases. Over done phrases are a definite no. Describing something as black as night is too boring. Look for a different wa y of saying the same thing. You could say black ink dark or all embrace black. Make a list of all the overdone phrases you can think of and then pull saying them a different way.Nothing is ever said in your story that doesnt lead you somewhere. exist how to correspond properly. It will arouse all the difference to a readers understanding of what you are trying to say. never throw in information that does not lead your story forward. Try to find a undecomposed way of telling a story by saying it again but differently. If everyone is writing about pirates it can get pretty boring after awhile if you use a similar spot line like everyone else. Find a fresh way of telling the same story, maybe from a captives point of view or how someone became an unwilling pirate.Use the phrase what if. fill what if such and such happens what would be the result and if this happened what would be the outcome. This is the time to use your imagination. Get creative and see where it leads you. The l ast form I will talk about is creative nonfiction. Not a grass of pack know what it is and it can take on different styles a fib, personal essays, memoir, travel writing, pabulum writing, biography, literary journalism, short stories, etc. Its where you research a topic just as a journalist does but the writer must write in contexts.They dont think of facts as the raw material building blocks of their stories they think scenes instead. A scene in creative nonfiction occurs in a specific place (where) usually the narrator and one or more others are there (who) at a particular time (when) something happens (what) people converse (dialog or captured conversation) and sometimes someone thinks about something. We like to see scenes in front of us since life does seem to occur as a series of scenes. To get a story from a particular subject you may have to be pokey by uncovering innermost thoughts and feelings of those interviewed.Theres highly involved research effort required that the writer should be willing and financially able to stick with a story for weeks, months, or even years. The creative nonfiction writer cant work out of his or her memory and imagination alone, he or she must conduct research out in the real world, the raucous world, the dirty world. You should go around collecting facts from dusty records at City Hall, interviewing experts, and talking with the people involved.Also talk with the people immediately involved in the tory to flush out, and add fresh ideas, ideas you might never have come up with on your own, provide different angles, views, perspectives, and insights on the person or the topic under study. This need to work away from the studio or the study turns some writers away from this form of writing. Others love that side of the profession, its what draws them in. An important consideration before you begin to write in scenes is choosing the organize of your writing in the first place. Structure is the arrangement of parts a nd all the techniques you use to hold the parts together and make it do what it is intended to do (Gerard, 156).Most creative nonfiction writers may have a structure well in mind before writing at all because the material is promoted in the subconscious. Having the bail of structure, or even just some structure, enables the writer to relax and play with any number of creative possibilities to perk up each scene. Since creative nonfiction is typically written scene by scene and is usually joined or separated by passages from a running account of what is happening at the moment, you need to study and perfect the structure.Some of these potential scenes will be embedded in the narrative synopsis, but its important to first identify the scenes that make up a story. The writer needs to select only those events that seem to have the greatest potential and then organize them into what seems will be the best sequence, which is not always chronological. The hardest part of writing creative nonfiction is that youre stuck with what really happened you cant make it up (Gerard, 5). The goal is to communicate information, just as a surveyer does, but in the way you construct a story.The relationship between the one who tells the story and the story itself may help determine if the story should be told in the first or third person point of view. Some say the third person point of view is the most difficult but the most rewarding since the author has to stay more out the way. In writing in first person narrative you need to learn how to get out of the way by being subjective but maintain objectivity. Just remember that you are the first person or narrator. Its a equilibrise act but it has to do with finding a voice.Once the voice is found, the writer can posture, say things not meant, imply things not said, and have fun. Once you find the right voice for a piece of writing, it allows warmth, concern, compassion, flattery, and shared imperfections. You can also show someth ing about a person by letting the reader hear him or her speak when people appear, particularly when they begin to converse, to help the story come to life. We have to learn to watch people unusually close, especially for anything unusual or distinct. Include in your report poses, posturing, habitual gestures, mannerisms, appearances, and glances.Writers frequently describe a groups entertainment as a way to understand the group frequently looks at the way people dress. Writing about the typical periodic life of a person helps illuminate a book and brings in the focus. The creative nonfiction writer can and should occasionally vividly describe the day-to-day life of one person. You should capture conversations and also show the reader how things look to your character in the world, leaving the reader to interpret what it all means. Although usually done sparingly, you might introduce your thoughts on the situation or the people.This emotional content enables you to create dramatic, vivid, accurate scenes. Creative nonfiction is the ability to capture the personal and the private by making it mean something significant to a larger audience. It also provides intellectual substance that will affect readers perhaps even provoke them to serve or to change. The relationships of Creative Writing and R C to one another deserve attention in a number of ways. When we put words onto a paper, its our own individual way of expressing what we want to say.As I stated earlier, poetry is possibly the most comprehensive way we have of expressing ourselves. Poetry works at a deep level of emotion. The fact that poetry and prose have coincided in a long line in rhetorical study is, of course, a rewarding subject area of study. In fact, theres much to be learned about audience and rhetorical situation by spatial relation oneself as the writer of poems. Even though rhetoricians might cringe at the idea of having students write styles of poetry, this area of study would be of g reat benefit to those examining the practice of rhetoric.It might also help rhetorics become better communicators to examine their own language to become more fluid, more colorful, and more imaginative. Also it would benefit all audiences to think of writing as a beautiful relationship of language and author. Thats if only because the process has such potential to benefit from the voices and views of others on their own journeys and might allow a fuller recognition of ways composition studies and creative writing coincide.

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The order of the legal system helps Essay Example for Free

The order of the statutory outline helps EssayLegal stability helps ensure that citizens and businesses can manage their affairs efficiently (Lindquist Cross, 2010). The order of the legal clay helps to guarantee that all cases will be heard equally. Legislatures create laws that protect citizens and business, and when these laws are broken, the judicatory strategy is used to reprimand the offenders. The court arranging is organized into two court structures, the federal dodge and state system (Kubasek, Brennan, Browne 2009). There is a specific order to the organization to the court system and court proceedings, and this order promotes the stability of the legal system. Every player in the court system knows what to wear regarding their trial, and this predictability is important to ensure that the legal system is fair to all participants. Businesses and citizens alike benefit from a static legal system because the laws are known and disputes are handled reasonably.T he enactment of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999 is one modelling where an action of the legal system caused imbalance in business and society. The act repealed the Banking Act of 1933, or the Glass-Steagall Act, that require banks from selling securities (Barth, Brumbaugh Jr., Wilcox, 2000). It also repealed the Bank Holding Act of 1956 that kept banking separate from insurance business. These acts were repealed because academics showed that banks being voluminous in the sale of securities and insurance did not cause the Great Depression of 1929 (Barth et al., 2000). The fact that banks were allowed minimal gross sales of insurance and securities with little problem also helped this act to pass. This deregulation of banking contributed to the financial crisis of 2008. The repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act allowed coronation and commercial banking to merge, which led to higher capital ratios and lower risk (Bordo, 2008). As a result, normal change practices were relaxed, an d when the subprime mortgage market collapsed in 2007, many banks felt the repercussions. Defaulted mortgages effected the economy and caused a significant recessional that affected citizens and businesses alike (Bordo, 2008).Major changes in banking regulations through the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act is just one example where asseverate failure in the legal system lead to instability in business and society. This instability shows the impressiveness of having predictability in the legal system. The Glass-Steagall Act had been in place for over sixdecades when it was finally repelled in 1999 (Barth et al., 2000). turn research showed that repelling this act would help create a to a greater extent universal banking system, the deregulation of the banking system caused more corruption instead (Bordo, 2008). Banks were allowed to undertake even more activities than before. These extra activities and the vagueness of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act helped to contribute to the instability of t he financial sector. When the legal system helps to contribute to instability, more citizens become wary of both the legal system and the financial sector. In order to avoid this problem in the future, the legal system should be more predictable by keeping regulations that protect the people in place.

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National Government Essay Example for Free

case governance EssayNational authorities activityis a concept referring to the coalition of the major political parties which were beneath Ramsay MacDonald,Stanley BaldwinandNeville Chamberlainthey held office from 1931 until 1940. TheW solely Street Crashwas the start of Great Depressionand Britain was badly hit.The government tried and true to achieve several different, contradictory objectives which where anes such as, trying to maintain Britains economic position by maintaining the outwiton thegold standard, balancing thebudget, and providing assistance and relief to tackle unemployment. In 1931 the situation worsened and in that location was fear that the budget was unbalanced, which was allowed by the independentMay Reportwhich triggered a confidence crisis.TheLabour Governmentagreed to make changes in taxation and expenditure in order to balance the budget and furbish up confidence, only when the consolecould not agree on the two options available which was ei ther introducetariffs, or make 20% cuts inunemployment benefit. A final vote was taken on the issue and the Cabinet was split 119 with a minority including some(prenominal) political heavyweights such as George Lansbury ponderous to resign rather than agree. Due to this unworkable split, on 24 August 1931 the government resigned.Both the buttoned-down and Liberal parties met withKing George Vand MacDonald, first to talk about support for the measures taken but again to discuss the shape of the next government. On 24 August MacDonald agreed to form a National Government composed of men from all parties with the specific aim of balancing the Budget and restoring confidence. The Government was then meant to interrupt once these aims had been met and a general election was to be held. The National Government had many problems during their time in office. One of the major problems they had was the impact of the depression was strong upon Britain.An economic problem they faced was th at unemployment had risen to 3 million. During their time in office the unemployment level did drop but this was not imputable to the national Government it was due to new technology and industries, Rearmament started up in 1936 and there was a housing boom. The national government came up with many schemes such as closing competing factories i. e. cotton shipbuilding this only increased the total of unemployed. The came up with the unemployment assistance act and the special areas act these worked to a reliable extremity as for certain areas it was too little too late for schemes like this.But it could not get rid of the disobedient million who were people who came from staple industries such as coal, textiles, shipbuilding, iron and steel. These people where the ones who lived in places such as Jarrow where 1 in 10 men where in work. A social problem they faced was that as the impact of the Depression was hard on Britain, there was a large drop in life history standards a cut in the amount of benefits people could collect and there was a means sieve to see if families where eligible for benefits. Which meant fewer families got the dole and if they did get it they got a small amount which created the two nations in Britain.As places like Jarrow were one of the worst hit places while places like capital of the United Kingdom and Bristol benefited from a push-down store of the changes such as they were the ones able to use the new technology and be hired into the new industries and they were one of the few who could afford to buy a new house in the housing boom. There were many hunger marches due to this the most famous was the Jarrow crusade. This is where many unemployed marched all the way to London to speak to Baldwin about what he was going to do to help them but they were refused a seating which him all they arrived was tea and sympathy it is said.Another Problem faced by the National Government was the balancing of the budget. This was Orthodox ec onomics which means it is situation in financial planning where total revenues are equal to or greater than total expenses. This was successful to a limited extent as with all the cuts such as 20% off unemployment as well as having a means test allowing them to save plenteous money for them to get foreign loans. But only the south of England benefited from the money saved. Social problem occurred due to cuts in unemployment benefit was that there was a drop in benefits for unemployed which led to them having a scorn standard of living.They came off the gold standard which made the exports (manufacturers goods) which where imports into other countries cheaper. They lowered interest rates, which helped small businesses, mob owners and those in the south of England. Then public sector pay was cut by 10% but navy was not happy about this which caused trouble when the Invogadon navy mutinied. The National Government were successful to an extent but they were limited due to all the eco nomic greatness helped those who were in the south of England and not those in the north which allowed the social deprivation to continue.

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Conservation of the environment Essay Example for Free

conservation of the environment EssayProtection of the environment is very central as the world moves into a new-fashioned era. This new era also seems to be presenting us with many major environmental issues. Some of these problems be pollution, rapid industrialization, over population, deforestation and loss of important animal and plant species. The best way to treasure the environment is to conserve and protect it by being more conscious of our impact on the planet. preservation is the philosophy and policy of managing the environment to assure adequate supplies of natural resources for future as well as present generations. One way to be more environmentally responsible would be to cut set down on undesirable C02 emissions and to put good things back into the atmosphere. One of the best ways to do this is by place trees. Trees play a critical role in keeping our air clean, both by releasing oxygen into the air and by trapping deoxycytidine monophosphate. The more tre es we have, the better our air quality, and thats why put trees is an excellent step to take toward saving the environment.While youre at it, plant a tree in a spot that pull up stakes give your house shade, as that will help reduce your read to crank up your air conditioning in the summer months and be esthetically leasing. Its also important to take a stand against deforestation. Losing large swaths of forest, such as the rainforest, to development or industry mean that were losing millions of trees that would new(prenominal)wise be purifying the air for us. Protesting deforestation, both through activism and by refusing to buy products that are created at the expense of the worlds forests, can help slow and even halt deforestation.Renewable energy is another big way to heal the environment. It significantly cuts down on greenhouse gases, air pollution and the numerate of carbon emitted into the air. In the USA around 71% of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. Burning scorch or other fuels emits greenhouse gases and pollution in the environment. An average home powered by a coal utility will burn twelve thousand pounds of coal a year and will cause intimately the same heart of pollution as two cars.By using renewable energy as the primary power source, the reduction of pollution per household would be equivalent to that of planting four hundred trees. We can all(prenominal) play a part in improving the amount of trash we throw away by reducing our waste. Buy fewer items and reduce the overall use of goods and services of goods. If less is onsumed, then less energy is used and less waste is produced. Regardless of how consumption is limited, mountain are bound to produce some waste. We can buy in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging thrown away, but to make a difference, we also have to focus on recycle and repurposing the items that are consumed.Simple changes can be made, like shopping with reusable bags and keeping food and othe r items in reusable containers, rather than defaulting to plastic bags and disposable containers. Recycling refers to buying recycled products and sorting waste into the get categories aluminum cans, glass, plastic, paper and cardboard. However, the definition of recycling can be expanded to encompass donating items you no longitudinal need or want to Goodwill or the Salvation Army so others can employ them. Many cities have freecycle e-mail lists that fill a similar role.If you cant reduce your consumption or tind a way to reuse a product, recycling is a better choice than simply throwing something into the trash. Gandhi wisely said, You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Thats certainly true when it comes to saving the environment, and each of us has an individual responsibility to make the changes and decisions that will benefit the natural world around us. hitherto our most concerted efforts will have a minimal impact if were the only ones making them, or even if were part of a small group making such environmental choices.The power in the steps on this list comes from getting everyone to take them together. After doing all the other things mentioned here cutting off energy consumption, conserving water, driving less and everything else the most important thing is to be bold and vocal about encouraging others to do the same. The environment wont be saved by a handful of activists or even by a collection of powerful world leaders. It will be saved by the collective action of mankind.

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L.L Bean Inc Paper Essay Example for Free

L.L bean Inc reputation EssayThis paper has correct the 5 problems that shown in this case. First split up is to adjust how L.L Bean uses the old years ask to encounter how many units of product to order. Second paragraph is to adjust how many units of particular proposition L.L Bean should buy under the relationship between the concomitant costs and revenues. Third paragraph is to adjust what information should Scott Sklar have in order to help him to count for a particular fashion of mens shirt that is a in the raw catalog souvenir. Fourth paragraph is to adjust the system that Mark Fasold used in the case to solve the figure of speech of items purchased. Lastly, the final paragraph is to adjust the advantage that L.L Bean should do in forecast process. L.L Bean uses different determinations and calculations to forecast and decide how many units of items to stock. The source thing is using the frozen forecast, which comes from the forecasting department.Buyer s, product people, and inventory buyers meet to forecast item gross sales by book and rank various items in terms of expected dollar sales term they assign dollars in accordance with the ranking. They have to make a judgment when there is modernistic item added. They judge the total of forecasted item sales and check it for reality based on the book forecast by comparing the previous data. The second thing is using a calculation of A/F, which is literal demand divided to forecast demand. It helps to calculate the range of inventory that the product would be in the approach shot year and the frequency distribution of these errors was compiled across items. For example, assume there was a 50% forecast errors, and the refreshedborn item ratio was between 0.7 and 1.6 in last year, if the frozen forecast for an item were 1000 units, so the actual demand for that item would be between 700 and 1600 units. The last thing is the calculation of profit coast. For instance, an item cost $15, and grasss for $30, and the gain of denounceing would be $30-15=$15. If the liquidation is sold for $10, so the loss for failing to sell the marginal unit would be $15-5= $5.These offer use to calculate the optimal order size and the fractile. The fractile helps to baffle the units of items to be stocked, estimates the costs, and the actual order size. Therefore, L.L Bean uses frozen forecast, A/F calculation and profit margin calculation to decide the number of units to stock. Demand of the products reachs the decision of how many units of inventory the company should have. Based on the demand, the company is able to forecast and forebode the number of stocks to order. In addition, the cost to make items, the price to sell the items and the liquidated cost for the items should also be considered. From those concerns, the company can probably estimate the profits and the losses for merchandising the inventory. Under the items costs and revenues, L.L Bean can figure come in how many units of inventory they have to purchase in order to obtain a profitable situation. Demand forecast is an activity of estimating the quantity of a product that consumers will purchase thus, as a buyer, Scott Sklar should urinate an accurate demand forecast.However, according to the article, Scott mentioned that he would gather his inventory buyer, some product people, and himself to judge the new catalog item and decide if the new catalog item holds incremental demand. If non, they would see what items were going to steal the demand, and then those items would need to be adjusted accordingly. This shows that Scott was deciding the demand forecast by the teams personal judgment but not based on the professional forecasting data. Hence, the demand forecast that Scott do may not accurately show the real demand. If the estimation is not accurate, there may be an under-stock and over-stock which can directly affect companys profit. Accordingly, Scott needs to generate a lot of information potential customers, and the sales of confusable items data of L.L Beans competitors. Moreover, Scott should decide who will be the potential customers of the new catalog item.He can obtain this information by reviewing the past customers purchasing record and generate the purchasing habit. Scott can also obtain this information by sending our e-mail to search for more(prenominal) potential customers. Once he obtains the list of potential customers, he should send catalog to these potential customers and determine the demand of the new item. In additional, Scott can also use the sales data of similar item from its competitors to determine the treat of the similar style items. By using all these information Scott should able to create an accurate demand forecast for the particular style of mens shirt that is a new catalog item. The number of items purchased usually exceeds the number forecast. Mark Fasold worried about the wide dispersion in forecast errors, both for never-out and new items. By doing some calculations on the cost under-stocking and cost of over-stocking, he imbed that the cost of under-stocking is greater than the cost of over-stocking. As a result, he decided to purchase more stocks than the number of forecasting, which can calumniate the lost.However, with this decision, it created other problems to the company. Thus, it is important to let Mark understand the number of forecast is close matched with the number of needs in the reality. To do so, L.L Bean should create an accurate system to address the demand forecast with very small forecasting error. Also, they should make up a backup plan when under-stocking is happening, forwarding plane. Since it is mostly impossible to perfectly match the stock with the real demand, it is essential to sell all the over-stock to minimize the lost. L.L Bean should create an effective promotion plane to sell as much over-stock as they can. In conclusion, L.L Bean can improve and adju st its forecasting process in numerous ways. Retail manufacture is a fast-paced, changing industry where products demand and preferences rapidly change. The first problem appeared with L.L Beans forecasting process is that they only use the past dates to predict future forecasts.They should instead unendingly update their forecasts system based on latest data that gained from market research or resources, in order to determine a more accurate approach. Also, the major catalogs L.L Bean introduces in each spring, summer, fall, and Christmas can be attached optional questionnaires. By doing this, they can have a better way to predict demand, and a better insight into consumer behavior in general. Nevertheless, appropriate adjustment can be made while they capture customers preferences and how customer rank L.L Bean new in comparison to never out. Lastly, in this case, L.L Bean can work close with suppliers so that they can be able to nail more quick responses and address the custom ers demand. They need to establish close relationships with the suppliers or reduce dependence on foreign vendors to generate a quicker supply.

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Different Approaches to the Meaning of Life Essay Example for Free

Different Approaches to the Meaning of Life EssayThe question what is the meaning of invigoration? is a great deal treated as a paradigmatic head in the clouds sort of philosophical question that more(prenominal) applicatory people shouldnt drive home the time for, but its actually a question of tremendous practical importance. Further, it is a question to which most people, even those who claim to have no interest in much(prenominal) questions, answer implicitly with the lives they chose to lead. So if you dont postulate to bother with such(prenominal) questions, and bonny requisite to enjoy yourself, you argon effectively saying that enjoyment is the ultimate psyche of human animation. If you croak your life pursuing single of, say, money, power, pleasure, or religious understanding, then you implicitly commit yourself to such organizing principles representing what is very substantial in life. The choices we make in our lives are often governed by such implicit conceptions of what is most master(prenominal) to us, and while it may be that, say, being happy is the most important thing, it may take a certain amount of reflection on these larger questions to become clear about this.Some capacity think that thinking about questions like the meaning of life is itself the most important thing for us to do, but even if we dont, we displace still see that it is very important to spend at least some time doing, since such organizing principles are to a fault important for us to accept without reflecting on them at all. Further, if there really is a point or meaning to our lives, and we live our lives according to a different principle (say if we live for enjoyment when serving God is the real purpose of life, or (conversely) if we spend our lives in prayer when enjoying life is its real purpose) then we may have literally wasted our lives.Since that is something we shouldnt want to do, it seems that, if life does have a purpose, we would do e asy to know what it is. On the other hand, if life doesnt have a purpose, it expertness be good to know that rather than spending it serving some unreal ideal, though this latter point is more controversial. If life did have no meaning, and there was no point to anything we did, then it might seem better non to investigate this topic at all, since looking in to it would only cause us distress.(Though if life really were meaningless, the fact that we were so distressed would not really matter. ) 2. Four Approaches to the question of lifes meaning. While the authors covered in the class give legion(predicate) varied answers to the question of what the meaning of life is, and some dont give a clear answer to it at all, they all fall into one of four themes when it comes to thinking about that kind of answer the questions should have. That is to say, there are four different approaches to the question What is it that restricts the meaning of our lives? 1 I. Radical Objectivists.Th is first group (which includes Plato, Epictetus, Schopenhauer, as well as James and Tolstoy in their post-crisis periods) take what really matters to be determined by factors that are in all indie of us (be it God, Reason, Nature, the Form of the Good or just the way things are). Its our responsibility to live up to these standards, but there is no sense in which these standards come from us. (Schopenhauer, while he denies that God exists, has a touch of this when he insists that a life of intellect just is objectively better (and not just happier) than a life of passion and willing).This might, of course, seem to make lifes purpose too remote from our actual lives, which might lead one to become one of the II. Theorists of Human Nature In this second group we can include Aristotle, Marx and Epicurus. Like the radical objectivists they take the purpose of life to be something given, that is, its an objective fact that we arent at liberty to change, but unlike the radical objectiv ists, they think that this fact is grounded in objective facts about our accept natures.Our shared human nature is what determines what is the best life for all of us. Still, it may be hard to agitate this sort of view unless one were already a radical objectivist, since without such an overarching framework, its much harder to think of gentleman as having a such a fixed essence or nature, which might lead one to become one of the III. Constructivists This third group (which includes Nietzsche, Sartre, Hare, and Nagel (from his more subjective perspective)) ground the purpose of our lives in our make drives, desires and wants.However, unlike the theorists of human nature, they dont take such drives to be objective in the sense of being independent of our attitudes towards them. For these philosophers, the drives etc. that ground the purpose of our lives can change, and are (to a certain extent) under our (not always conscious) control. Because of this, the meanings of our lives, such as they are, are things that we make.Unfortunately, one might doubt that transient creatures like ourselves are up to the projection of making such meanings, in which case one might become one of the IV. Nihilists This last group (which includes Camus, Nagel (from his more objective perspective) and James Tolstoy (when they were in crisis mode)) agree with the constructivists that there are no objective facts which could determine a purpose to our lives, but also believe that something as ephemeral as our passing desires and drives is not enough to make a life really meaningful.Consequently, in the absence of any objective meaning, life must ultimately have no meaning at all, and there is, ultimately, no point in doing anything. This final spot is not a happy one to be in, and its perhaps not move that James and Tolstoy both bounce from 4 back to 1 when the prospect of living with 4 becomes too bleak.Still, while it can seem natural to slip from 1 to 2, from 2 to 3 and fro m 3 to 4, and 4 to despair, lots of people have argued that the slide can be stopped at various points on the way. 1 As a result, every point on the spectrum has it supporters, though no position on it seems completely stable, which is why the question will probably always continue to be debated. 1 H a r e , f o r in s ta n c e , c a n b e u n d e r s to o d a s a r g u in g th a t th e th r o u g h th a t 3 le a d s to 4 c o m e s f r o m a c o n f u s io n a b o u t w h a t it is to m a tte r .

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College Degree Essay Example for Free

College Degree EssayWhen in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for ace individual to dissolve the bands which has connected him to a low salaried career with little hope for advancement, and to run into that the powers that be go forth non offer him the promotions and recognition that he feels he deserves to which the laws of nature and natures God entitles him, a decent respect to the hope he has for his future requires that he should declare the steps which he will take to pass the addresss which he has situate for himself. . I bonk many goals which I hope to achieve through the pass onment of my degrees.For the purpose of this recourse I will delve into three of them. The first goal I stomach is to attain a higher paying job. The second goal that I have is to work my way into a position of leadership. Fin altogethery, neither my father, mother nor brother has gone to college therefore it is my liking to be the first of our family to attain a degree. In the job market today high paying jobs are at a premium. I believe I heard a statistic once that verbalise the average income for a single income legal residence is around fifty-thousand dollars. I have lived in this income bracket and know how difficult it can be to maintain a household on that income.With a house retribution and two car payments and everything else that goes into maintaining a home that can quickly drain a families finances. I lately in additionk a higher paying job, in the upper sixties and just that small increase in salary has done wonders for my families cash flow. I hope to attain a position which pays in the mid-nineties to low one-hundreds and beyond. Most jobs which pay high salary require as a requisite that the person in that position has a high train of education. Typically, the higher the level of education the higher the level of pay.I have always had many leadership qualities and I enjoy working with others to sponsor them succeed. lead off ers a unique opportunity to guide others and help them along their paths of success. I do not heartbeat my individualised success on how high of a leadership position that I can attain but rather the number of people that I can help to achieve the goals which they have set for themselves. Whether it be helping others increase knowledge or accomplish goals or just help them along their move around, I know that from a position of leadership I can help others in this way.That is why I wish to be a leader. Many positions of leadership require that you have degrees to go with your experience, so that is how I am hoping that a college degree will help me. Finally, I have a personal goal of being the first in my family to earn a college degree. Being a parent I know now that the old adage is true, parents always want their kids to do better in emotional state than they have done. I know this is true of my parents. They have always hoped that I would do better than them and have always encouraged and supported me along that path.When I look back upon my college career it will be with a sense of pride knowing that this is something that my parents wanted for me just as much as I have desired it. I also know that my parents have a great hope and chance that I provide a good life for their grandson and while money and recognition are not everything they certainly take some of the burden of raising a child off of you. In summation, all of my goals of earning degrees revolve around my son. When my son was born I immediately knew that I had to return to school.I had been floundering for too long in lower paying positions with little hope for advancement. My father provided a stable home as I was growing up, we never had to worry about money or food. My hope is that I will provide that and more for my family. By attaining a college degree I put my self into a much better position to attain a position which pays higher salaries. Additionally, it will allow me to help oth ers by being in a position of leadership. Finally, the pride that I will have in myself and the pride that I know my parents and family will have in me will make the whole journey that much sweeter.

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A Historical Look at U.S. GAAP Essay Example for Free

A diachronic Look at U.S. GAAP EssayABSTRACTThis paper discusses the historical festering of gener eachy trustworthy accountancy system doctrines through its contributing sources from 1930 to the present. U.S. Businesses had been using double entry accounting since the 1800s yet no provide accounting practices had been introduced until the American Institute of Accountants (AIA) recommended to the New York Stock Exchange in 1932, five broad principles of accounting which have won fairly general acceptance, (Zeff, 2005, para. 4). In which, the terms fairly present and in accordance with were first used followed up with generally accepted accounting principles. Later, a sixth principle was approved. These recommendations were based on the three assumptions that all business acts were apart from the business owner, all transaction currencies measured in the US dollar, the assumption of time and the matching principle. Thus establishing a foundation of which all future accoun ting principles are based.The AIA formed the Committee on accountancy Procedures (detonating device) to publish bill inquiry Bulletins (ARB) on GAAP under the authority of the Security and Exchange Commission ( south) created by the Securities Act of 1934. The pate was later reorganized into the bill Principles Board (APB) that issued Opinions between 1959 and 1973. The monetary Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has been the source for buck private sector generally accepted accounting principles since 1973. Input by the private sector has been crucial to the development of GAAP since 1930. Historically, GAAP is influenced by the business condition and humanity interest.The Great Depression left the public with little faith in the private sector. Although the knowledge and experience of businesses would be consulted for standards businesses were not trusted to sort out and regulate accounting standards. A common practice in the 1920s was to adjust asset set upward to the hig hest market value arguably misleading investors prior to the 1929 crash (Zeff, 2005, para. 10). In response, detonating device and the SEC strongly mandated historical cost accounting as the acceptable basis of insurance coverage.Shortly after, the U.S. was brought into WWII directing the CAPs focus to issues pertaining to war time accounting. In addition, the CAP address the issues of the exclusion of unrealized lettuce from income, the use of capital surplus to neutralize losses, and notes and accounts receivable from officers, employees, and affiliated companies. The most notable item during the CAPs tenure summed up was its ARBs issued in response to congresss decision permitting companies to use the last in first out inventory regularity. This was a rare instance that tax policy influenced GAAP and was initially directed to companies purchasing natural metals because the FIFO method was equated to higher income taxes due to the time lapse between the assets acquisition and sale (Zeff, 2005). The method was available to all industries in 1939.While CAP was praised for addressing questionable reporting practices prior to the crash it was mostly labeled as weak by critics for failing to set a uniform accounting framework to mitigate comparability issues. At the advice of the AIA, now known as the AICPA, the Accounting Principles Board re position the CAP. ARB 43 was quickly published to restate all Accounting Research Bulletins and preclude any superseded ARBs. The research driven APB published 31 opinions. The first few answered reporting questions regarding the investment cite per the Revenue Act of 1962 allotting businesses a credit for a specified percentage of the cost of certain depreciable assets placed into service after 1961 (FASB, 1962, para.1).The circuit board concluded that the credit may be recorded as an offset to net income over the assets life or as a reduction in acquisition cost during the period it occurred. This is important beca use it is a conceptual precursor to todays theatrical role 179 and bonus depreciation credits of which most small and medium sized businesses depend on and go steady when determining capital investments. All opinions regarding credits and other tax reporting issues were later superseded by the FASBs statement number 109, Accounting for Income Tax. Many of the APBs remaining opinions dealt with emerging issues brought about by the industrial economy.For instance, the board developed guidelines for intangible assets such as goodwill, the equity method of accounting for common stock, accounting for employee stock options, the reporting of extraordinary items in the income statement, and set the criteria to use pooling of interest or the purchase method in business combinations. The most controversial accomplishment of the APB was its 1970 publication Basic Concepts and Accounting Principles Underlying pecuniary Statements of Business Enterprises. The boards issuance of this as a no n-authoritative standard rather than opinion was met with ostracize criticism as it failed to commit to any conceptual framework solutions and reaffirmed the fundamental disagreement among members on this topic.The board was soon after dissolved and replaced by the FASB with new, independent members in 1973. Nearly all APB Opinions were superseded by FASB statements (FAS) at different points in time. The FASB remains the authoritative source for private sector accounting practices today. The Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 restated the FASBs position in setting accounting standards. The FASB does not have the authority to enforce standards. The responsibility has eer been with managers to prepare and file financial statements in accordance to GAAP with the SEC. Auditors, overseen by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), issue opinions on the conformity and accuracy of the financial statements. The role of auditors has become increasingly crucial in the post Enron era.T he FASB remains committed to addressing any deficiencies in the reporting process and clash regularly with the PCAOB and SEC to prevent future financial disasters. Probably the most serious issues to date addressed by the FASB resulted from the subprime mortgage crisis and the subsequent financial crisis of 2008. According to Leslie Seidman (2011), chairman of the FASB, high profile controversy relating to the intent of the fair value of assets and liabilities in an illiquid market prompted the issuance of FAS 157, Fair Value Measurements. Effective November 2007, the standard spread out disclosure for fair value measurements and included changes in fair value practice for certain entities (FASB, 2006, para. 1).The FAS 133 released in January 2008 provided new and additional guidance on derivatives and designated a team within the FASB to assist with statement implementation. The FASB kit and boodle to harmonize the previously mentioned standards and all others with world(pren ominal) Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Discussion of international accounting principles has occurred for decades and an International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) has existed since 1973.It was not until the 1990s when globalization motivated the FASB to deliberate a strategic visualise for international activities. In 2002, the FASB and IASB started collaborating to converge US GAAP and International Accounting Standards. A memorandum of understanding was released by the two boards in 2006 and amended in 2008. In 2011, the FASB sent a letter to the IFRS bag Trustees describing its views on many key issues. The FASB continues to balance long term IASB projects with its work on issues relating to US GAAP.REFERENCESFinancial Accounting Standards Board. (1962). APB 2 Accounting for the Investment Credit. Retrieved from http//www.fasb.org/cs/BlobServer?blobkey=idblobwhere=1175820900137blobheader=application%2Fpdfblobcol=urldatablobtable=MungoBlobs Financial Accounting Standards Board. (2006). abridgment of Statement No. 157. Fair Value Measurements. Retrieved from http//www.fasb.org/summary/stsum157.shtml Financial Accounting Standards Board. (2012). International Convergence of Accounting Standards Overview. IASB-FASB Update Report. Retrieved from http//www.fasb.org/jsp/FASB/Page/SectionPagecid=1176156245663 Seidman, L.F. The Role of the Accounting Profession in Preventing Another Financial Crisis. U.S. Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban personal business Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance, and Investment Testimony. FASB. April 6, 2011. Zeff, S. A. (2005). The Evolution of U.S. GAAP The Political Forces behind Professional Standards. The CPA Joural, Retrieved from http//www.nysscpa.org/cpajournal/2005/105/infocus/p18.htm

Stop gambling Essay Example for Free

Stop gambling EssayToday, Im going to chat ab pop gambling. Nowadays, gambling becomes a entertainment in our life. Some people go there in effect(p) for fun, but most people go there for money, they think they give the bounce make money by gambling. As we known, precisely very few people can make money from gambling, the winner ever so not belong to gamblers, so the problem comes out. Most people with gambling problems say they lost chasteness over how much time and money they spend on gambling. Meanwhile, they ignored other responsibilities. They k naked they had problems, but only gambling seemed important. Many people who gamble overly have mixed feelings about gambling.They know they be causing problems for the people they love. They may become anxious and unhappy, and often hate themselves. They feel they cant give up on all the time, money and emotion they have put into gambling. They cant accept that they will never win the money back what they have lost. Some peo ple unbosom believe their system will pay off, their luck will change or they are out-of-pocket to win. Others believe continue to gamble is the only way to get the money back. Eventually they will misplace their money, family, even life. Also, it will make some serious consequences, like suicide, crime, and destructive behaviors.Other people scream to quit, but it is not easy. If they quit now, they will feel like a dope offr. They will have to pose all the problems that gambling has caused. But, only to stop gambling can help them to start a new life. So here are some solutions to help people to quit the gambling. 1 Make a decision on a given day when you wake up that you will not gamble. conciliate that for this one day you will not gamble. If you have to do it an hour at a time, it is okay. sometimes you may have to do it in a minute at a time. it is okay, as you forestall yourself in a given moment that you will not gamble.Schedule your day in a very structured way so you do not have a lot of unacquainted(p) time. This can really help a lot, as you will have no time to gamble. 2. arrest something at that time to replace your gambling. One of the way to quit gambling is to be able to construe healthy replacements that will substitute for your gambling activities. Exercise, go shopping, go out with friends, or do some cooking. You can also watch a movie, or listen to some soft music or do some reading and so on. Anything, and I mean anything not go back to gamble. Your address is to stop gambling, or begin to reduce gambling frequency. 3.Remember the feeling when you leave the casino or lost a lot of money on a bet. Think about how bad it feels when you lose a lot of money. Remember that feeling, and allow yourself to feel that feeling when you are gambling again. Sometimes these feelings can exactly imitate how you feel after a gambling. This can really stop you from going out and placing a bet. So my conclusion is gambling as a entertainment is ok for people, but if you orchis to it, eventually you will get hurt. So before gambling, please ask yourself, how you going to be creditworthy of yourself, your family, and your future.