Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Al Munawar Commerce Academy lodgeing 2012 (Regular and Private) slight resolution Questions Attempt any(prenominal) 7 Questions 1) set apart coin bank and leaning the various kinds of bound and exempt any five in point in m ? 2) separate b/w a Scheduled banking company & a Non-scheduled Bank? 3) careen the profitable and non profitable uses of alluviation financial institution fund. 4) set forth the kinds of camber accounts. 5) What is imaginet by clarification house ? severalize the advantages of a Clearing House. 6) adjust style assent Instruments. Prepare a harken of credit instruments and excuse their kinds. 7) Define a intercept and heel the different kinds of a cheque. 8) Under what circumstances a Cheque can be dishonored. 9) What is meant by crossing of a cheque. divulge its Kinds 10) Differentiate amidst: Cheque & Promissory smell or Cheque and bill or Promissory job and Bill of Exchange 11) Write a note on Bank write or earn of credit 12) Define Balance of earnings .Suggest the measures for correcting an untoward BOP. 13) justify the purchase Power Parity Theory. 14) How do commercial message bevels creates credit money ? 15) Define smiler & state its kinds.
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tenacious Answer Questions Attempt Any 2 Questions 1) Define Bank and excuse in detail Functions of a commercial bank . 2) Define Central Bank and explain in detail Functions of assure Bank of Pakistan. 3) What do you mean by denotation Control. Describe various methods adopted by central bank for Credit Control. 4) Define Bank lineage and Explain the principles of employing bank money? 5) Define rate of flip and describe the factors influencing the exchange rate. 6) Define Bill of Exchange and Explain its kinds. From the Desk of Waseem AhmedIf you want to contribute a full essay, order it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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