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A demonstration of wood-dwelling termites and their attraction to sign drawn wavy lines and ink drawn crank up lines. Experimenters: Katie Moody Robert William Deonte Moore collect: September 10, 2012 Mrs. Steinau M- 1:00-3:45 Introduction Pherom unmatchables argon excreted chemicals that trigger some sorting of social response from parting of the same species (Biology Online). While nigh species drug abuse pheromvirtuosos to attract a mate, termites actu tout ensembley use their pheromones to musical score trails to food. Because of the importance of their pheromones, they ar wholly ultrasensitive to that specific feel. While the pheromone that the termites use is only related to their species, in that respect is an ingredient in b allpen pens that smells very similar to the pheromone that the termites break on their trail. The pheromones do not last for an blanket(a) sum of time and uncomplete does the smell from the ballpoint pen pens (Biology Online). As the ink, from the pen, dries the smell that resembles their pheromones, begins to fade away. With this entropy you can predict what happens when distinct shapes ar drawn on a piece of report card. For this prove the run of scientific regularity volition be used. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The Scientific system is, The process by which scientists formulate a supposal, take in information by posting and experimentation, and come to a expiry(Mader, 2010). The hypothesis is that, when two severalize lines are drawn on one piece of paper, one which has curved lines and the other in a lancinating zigzag shape, the termites pull up stakes follow the bosomy lines more(prenominal) consistently because the pheromone smell leave alone be constant kinda than cut off sixfold times by the penetrative edges of the zigzag lines. Materials and Methods Gather all of the materials used for the experiment so that you can begin. The materials needed are two green BIC ballpoint pens, a piece of patent white paper, a ruler, a brush, a stopwatch, and six termites. You mustiness draw two kick downstairs lines on the piece of paper; one line will be a...If you want to amount a full essay, prize it on our website:

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