Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Status of Kiang

Chapter 6 Status and Action Plan for the Kiang (genus genus genus Equus kiang) Nita Shah 6.1 Nomenclature and preservation status Scientific name: Equus kiang Moorcroft 1841 Equus kiang kiang Moorcroft 1841 Equus kiang holdereri Matschie 1911 Equus kiang genus Polyodon Hodgson 1847 The kiang was considered to be a wash of the Equus hemionus, solely recent molecular studies bespeak that it is a distinct species (Ryder and Chemnick 1990). The kiangs argon the largest of the Asiatic unrestrained asses. The trine subspecies of kiang book geographically distinct populations (Groves 1974) and their geomorphology is different based on such features as skull proportions, move of incisors, shape of rump, colour pattern, come up colour, and body surface (Groves and Mazak 1967). The eastern kiang (Equus kiang holdereri) is the largest subspecies (142cm at shoulder), the grey kiang (E. k. polyodon) is the smallest (100105cm at shoulder). The western kiang (Equus kiang kiang) ar e sveltely smaller than E. k. holdereri and also film a inconsolableer come up (Groves 1974). The kiang has a large head, with a blunt equip and a convex nose. The mane is serious and relatively short. The covering is rich chestnut colour, darker brown in winter and a sleek reddish brown in late summer, molting its woolly pelage. The summer pelage is 1.
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5cm large and the winter coat is double the length (Groves 1974). The legs, undersides and ventral break dance of the nape, finale of the muzzle, and the inside of the pinnae are all white. A broad, dark chocolatecoloured abaxial stripe extends from the m ane to the end of the tail, which ends as a ! tussock of blackish brown hairs. Kiang have really slight sexual dimorphism. Common names: Asiatic wild ass, kiang, Ye Lü, Chang Lü IUCN Red List Category (version 2.3): Equus kiang LR/lc to the lowest degree Risk E. k. holdereri Eastern kiang LR to the lowest degree Risk E. k. kiang Western kiang DD Data deficient E. k. polyodon Southern kiang DD Data Deficient (?EN) CITES plunge: Equus kiang (all subpopulations) Appendix II The kiang (Equus...If you essential to achieve a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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