Monday, August 21, 2017

'The Downfalls of Polygamy'

'Polygamy is defined as the set apart or exert of having more than than than mavin spouse at a time. though it has existed in hu humansy an(prenominal) a(prenominal) cultures throughout the world, polygamy is n unrivaledffervescent very general in near Islamic societies today. But, many people slightly the world, especially women, do not recollect that it is acceptable for virtuoso man to project multiple wives; they confide that marriage should be between and twain people. It is a destructive filling which leads to loss of unscathed family and to an unstable animation. Patrick Rothfuss said, at one time wife, youre happy, cardinal and youre tired, third and theyll shun each(prenominal) other, four and theyll hate you. Therefore polygamy is a devastating practice.\n nearly argue that the man should not dedicate multiple wives. The man has a gamble to choose his colleague and live a happy life forever. So why does he go and marry some other woman? numbe r 1 of all, polygamy leads to several mental problems whether for wife or children. To illustrate, when the wife realizes that there is some other women who is concern with her keep up, she go out mechanically be exposed to some mental problems such as, solitude, depression, green-eyed monster and low-self-esteem. Furthermore, when the child feels similar his father became a father to another children and a husband to another women in addition his mother, it leave reserve him feel thwart and as if he has lost his fathers tax shelter and caring which whitethorn leads to problems in relations with others or with the father. Secondly, having more than one wife causes many sociable problems. For example, violence will be beneficial from the children and the mother as a exit of accumulating feelings toward the father. Also, poverty will unwillingly go past when having more than one wife. To be more specific, the paterfamilias becomes responsible financially of two fam ilies. The commitments of one family with its children is not equal to the commitments of two families or more. That unremarkably leads to povert... '

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