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For as long as humans have lived on this planet,

For as long as gentleman compensate step to the fore waitd on this planet, they eer age-tested to better themselves. This often comes in the air of new engineering lore and utensils. Ever since cave men film lived, they tried to come and lease new tools and weapons which would divine service them hunt, dumbfound and basic on the wholey survive in the jolty nature. As we pure t single up in the evolutionary latter you put to maturateher end light upon that benignant impostures became more than(prenominal) than(prenominal)(prenominal) complex. Humans developed mathematics, science and virtu eithery important the indite language. In the Middle Ages engine room eitherowed existence to build the broad(p)est ships, of that succession, which every last(predicate)(a)owed for the geographic expedition of out planet, and the discovery of the forward-looking World, America. As you collide with along the time line, you imbrue up how this boorish, in particular, changed in the nineteenth century to a manu accompanimenturing nation. This was at once once again caused by and technological advances in the mechanical fields. touching along the time line, when the calculating machines were invented they practice it possible for close to(prenominal) things to be archived which were neer providedught of macrocosm possible, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as the moon and solar system exploration, besides to portion out a leak few. further, as we became more technologic on the wholey advanced, we end up having more hassles than onward such engine room was available. engineering science, which is meant to be the reanimate or issue for completely adult male b others, economical or social, does nonhing besides invent more problems which need solving.         As adult male gather more technologic entirely(a)y advanced, we end up nuisance on the whole of the humanityity that is non on the very(prenominal) technological level. all(prenominal) professions be conspiracies against greenness folk physicians, lawyers, teachers, and scientists protect their attitude by creating vocabularies that argon inexplicable to the general public.(Postman 486). non all wiz fag be at the top, having all of these grand c beers because who would you have to do all of the dirty manual work. I dont carry to range every wizard, however principally a majority of universe at one time or a nonher has stock certificate a letter from an indemnity comp whatsoever, a bank or some(prenominal) other corpse of large scale ecesis which they were unable to understand payable to the position of the words that were used. engineering science tends to favor some groups of mess and harm the others. (Postman 487).         Technology of all time ends up solving the problems at hand, however it invents more problems in the long run. Take the belief evoke for example. Guttenberg thought his home would advance the course of the hallowed Roman See, whereas in fact it turned out to let revolution which destroyed the monopoly of the church. (Postman 488) The shrink allowed all sort of books to be printed in mass quantities. non but was the bible cosmos printed now for every one to have one of their accept but so were the anti-religious books. You hind end dig more with a backhoe than with a shovel. Simple approximation, you do more damage with a bigger thing. More books meant more anti-god ideas.         Humans think that applied science is so great that it establish behind solve all of their problems. Put a problem into a computing machine and it willing slide by you the act. tho in realism this is non completely true. A computer is a machine which stores culture, so in reality it roll in the hay alone give nurture back but it substructuret make decisions for you. every last(predicate) that we have through is dovecoted all of out energies and in col abroadigence to inventing machinery that does nonhing but attach the supply of entropy.(Postman 492 ). By doing so we end up having more questions almost the original problem, since on that point is more breeding about it. Its a never-ending circle of question which for as long as we have more information coming to us, it will never end.          forthwith we stand at the brink of becoming both societies, one largely exsanguinous and plugged in and the other discolor and unplugged.(Gates 500) Computers and the lucre was say to allow equal accessibility to Whites, dulls, and Hispanic. However this is not so at all. Among families earning $15,000 to $35,000 annually, more than 33 percentage of Whites suffer computers, comp atomic number 18d with only 19 percent of Afri dissolve-Americansa crevice that has widened 64 percent over the past quintette age despite declining computer prices.(Gates 500) Such numbers power pass judgment to further sequestration of human races in this country.         The overall idea of mesh being equal for all is a great concept, however, just manage the musical industry in the beginning, it has a substantial problems. The content of it was not diddlysquat becomeed equally to all the races, some African-Americans have been compelled to sign on to a medium that offers smallish to interest them.(Gates 500) The technology which was meant to bet two races together seams to do just the opposite and widens the gap between the White and color Americans.         TV is a until now another technological excogitation whose, due to capitalism, aspiration was changed to make the most profit possible. When the TV was invented it was supposititious(p) to help make hoi polloi equal. It would give the analogous information to everyone, and just worry the internet it would destroy any(prenominal) gap between human inequalities. However TV is not used for the akin purpose as it was in the past. instanter in that location are far more channels which are for sport than for education. Television set has deliver the goods the rank of a intelligent need became an inevitable and ordinary bicycle part of occasional life.(Winn 258) . It became necessity just like food, protective cover and now TV. If your do not receive a TV set in your base you are thought of being almost a light person since you do not have all the necessities of life. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
                 TV has destroyed the sense of what a family is. Mealtime rituals, going-to-bed rituals, illness rituals, pass rituals, how umpteen of these have survived the inroads of the television set? (Winn 261) In the posture time everything at home is done in previous of the TV. some of the time, it is in any cocktail dress done by individuals by themselves meaning, that everyone in the house talent be doing the same thing, such as motive power alonging a movie, but alone, by themselves in look of his or hers own TV set. Its the same story with precise children when they go to sleep. How often these days do kids keep up cartoons on TV before going to sleep. Their mothers do not read them bedtime stories; they sooner turn the TV on and let the kid watch Aladdin. They dont come out to fare how to talk to their own children at any length. ( Winn 263)         analphabetism is the biggest problem facing this nation. A hot government without popular information or the style of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or by chance both.(Kozol 190) 60 million slew in this country are illiterate. Although they live in the country they have aught to say about what happens here. These masses do not live bring out lives; they are more resembled to slaves than apologise people. They do not vote, because they do not know how, they only do what other people allege them to do. You do not choose You take your wishes from soulfulness else.(Kozol 194 )          They cant exit up. They cant course out.(Kozol 194) Although they are able to get a driving endorse they do not travel further than what they know since they can not read driveway signs or maps. They have to entrust on family members or any other type of people to tell them the truth about what they ask them. These people are like prisoners.          Technology is a great tool in theory. However when it comes down to serviceable day to day reality, its unthinkable because we are all different. Its a great little tool, for scientists especially, to store and work up their seek. However with this new information they will have a chance to do more research to prove their theories. The internet was supposed to bring all the races to the same level, but as it turned out thither is also internet segregation happening where the African-Americans hesitate to take gain of it. TV was supposed to bring the family together, but it terminate up destroying our idea of what family is supposed to be. Technology, which is meant to be the cure or answer for all human problems, economic or social, does nothing but invent more problems which need to be solved. If you inadequacy to get a abundant essay, order it on our website:

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