Friday, October 4, 2013

Media And Politics: How Are Media Playing The Game?

While some scholars and citizens believe that the media is too critical , and that it causes dissatisfaction with , and suspiciousness of , the g all overnment , others feel that the media is non critical sufficient . on that point is evidence to suggest that not plugger , but both sides are right correspond to Thomas E . Patterson , invigorateds inform changed over the last few decades from descriptive to interpretive . Whereas , at one time reporters attempted merely to describe events that took aim , they at once attempt to tell their audiences why . gibe to Patterson (97One consequence is a form of parole coverage that focuses on the negative aspects of governance . This development contributes to the customary s dissatisfaction with its political leaders and institutions and makes it more tricky for officials to govern effectively Some of the arouse s focus on negative issues is justifiable . Much of it is a result of the fraud of presidents Lyndon B . Johnson and Richard Nixon during the Vietnam War and Watergate . According to Patterson (103 , the shrink felt that , because two presidents had lie could be taken at his word Patterson says that the foregone has left the press with an unhealthy spatial relation . Indeed , he says : Reporters have a jaded idea of politicians , whether liberal or conservative and of the political process in spite of appearance which they operate It is straight that presidents have a lot lied to the mankind . In late(a) times President George H . supply promised no new taxes yet there were new taxes . nonetheless more belatedly , President Bill Clinton was caught lying close to his affair with Monica Lewinsky .

hence , the press is right to be skeptical of politicians methodsYet there is more to the press s constant focus on negatives than healthy skepticismAccording to Patterson , The absence of effective restraints on this attitude is reflected in the fact that political leaders and institutions are likely to be criticized almost disregarding of what they do (Patterson , 99 ) And according to Eshbaugh-Soha and round top (127 The media have their hold goals of increasing ratings and profits , and will not always share issues that presidents find important Members of the press alike take grocery forces into consideration . Audiences are more evoke in bid than they are in the mundane , consequently , sometimes in generate more demand for parole , the press focuses more on conflict . Indee d , when it dejection , it will often create drama . According to Patterson , The news , at better(p) , is a workable compromise between the frugal urgency of news organizations to attractand hold their audiences and the polity s need for a public forumIn addition to economic considerations , many members of the media , and perhaps more significantly , many owners of media outlets , have their own biases and policy objectives . According to foliate (21Media organizations (e .g , Rupert Murdoch s News Corporation ) and their executives might seek public policies of special concern to themselves (e .g , relaxation of limits on foreign ownership of U .S . TV stations , bymaking campaign contributions , doing favors for politicians , or lobbying...If you insufficiency to plump a full essay, order it on our website:

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