Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Executive degree program. Admission essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Executive degree program. Admission - Essay Example So having an executive degree will benefit me and my career and it will develop my management skills as the second or first man in the embassy sometimes who will take care of all the financial and Consular Affairs related to the embassy. My professional goal involves attaining a prestigious position within a reputed organization and drawing a lucrative salary for my work. Also my professional framework would include organizing symposia, conferences, study circles and scientific gatherings; and taking part in overseas or internal conferences, meetings, and symposia appropriate to the aims of the institute. Thus an Executive degree program have been opted by me that will help me to develop the decision making skills and interpersonal skills within myself. (172) 2 What professional achievement are you most proud of? Please be as specific as you can. Being an accountant who works for the diplomatic firm, I would be proud to serve my organization at every difficult situation. Ministry of foreign affairs (where I work) is not 100% a profit organization and here we don’t deal with client. Here we take care of the financial and consular related matters of the embassy. Therefore I will feel proud to provide every kind of service necessary for operating the foreign affairs ministry, which would include handling the financial and banking affairs, investment, foreign trade, framing the budget for the country, maintaining the currency balance, and abiding by the laws of the country. These services would further include cooperating with the government agencies, ministries, public utility, and public authorities and private establishments in the nation in line with the goals of the institute. Further my achievements would involve providing consultation to the ministries, government agencies, public utility and public authorities, private establishments in the nation in line with the duties of the institute, training and preparing the ministry's personnel to handle inte rnational relations, consular and diplomatic work and contributing to the groundwork of diplomats and all staff of the ministry with the necessary proficiency and practical and theoretical capabilities through instructive and training structure and exceptional capabilities development curriculum. Thus my professional achievement would include completion of all the above functions successfully. (222) 3 Please describe a situation where you failed to reach a professional objective or goal, and what you learned from this experience. As an accountant, it is very important to keep track of the exchanged data. Along with keeping track of the data, it is necessary to keep the data updated and communicated. During a budget session a few months back, I failed to communicate the senior managers about the certain changes incorporated within the budget, which happened due to a sudden change of the foreign economic conditions. When the change was communicated later on, my seniors told me that it is a very significant task for an accountant to keep the records updated and inform everyone about the update, who is involved in preparing the budget. Thus from this experience I learnt that data depends on certain market forces and whenever changes take place within those forces, it must be immediately disseminated among all the staff related to the budget. Again it is necessary to gather all the data related to a task and then filtering those data and selecting the essential ones for the purpose of preparing the budget. (169) 4 How do you think you are perceived by colleagues? You can mention 3 strengths and 3 areas for improvement.

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