Friday, November 1, 2019

The design for how mobile social media tackle with Bangor university Research Proposal

The design for how mobile social media tackle with Bangor university Chinese undergraduate student's career issues - Research Proposal Example The large number of the students compounds the manifestation of the problems that students from other countries face in new societies. Integration is a vital process in the development of students in institutions of higher education. Group studies are vital learning techniques that lecturers use in ensuring that students develop holistically, the Chinese students among other students from different cultures face challenges trying to integrate with the rest in their bid to participate in the groups. Participation of the Chinese students thus remains limited to the social and cultural factors that inhibit their socialization. The use of mobile phones coupled with the advent of social media on the other hand has provided the Chinese students with several opportunities to facilitate both their learning and integration in the college. Among the common mobile social media that students use in the college, include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among many others. The social media provide the students with virtual groups. The selection of friends and the development of friends and networks in the social media relies on the likes and preferences that the students exhibit. This implies that a student easily selects friends with whom they share several values. Among the values the students consider in the development of their networks include similarity in career options and similarity in cultures. Additionally, the students readily interact with other students willing to assist them settle in the new society. The mobile social media thus help the students develop into holistic scholars who can interact with others in the society thereby adopt to their new environment. In a summary, the cultural difference presents myriad challenges to foreign students at the Bangor University key among whom are the Chinese students. The University must investigate the trend with the view of providing solutions to some of the challenges that the research seeks to

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