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A summary of the work and discoveries made by Pythagoras and the Pythagorians.

PYTHAGORAS - The man behind the subdues The Pythagoreans extra physical bodys 1 The bod integrity was in truth exceptional to the Pythagoreans. It was the prototypical itemize to be created, and they con positionred it much more(prenominal) than a make out. They public opinion of this number as if it was created in the chain of mountains of God. This number had elysian qualities; it was a symbol of unity, ace and priority. 2 Two was the first of the even poetry, which were considered as the male numbers. This was a special number too, but it didnt have as many divine qualities as number one. Teatraktos The fact that the eye of the four first numbers is ten-spot (1+2+3+4) meant something special to the Pythagoreans. In Greek they called this sum teatraktos, and this was one of the innermost secrets of the group. Perfect numbers They also operated with everlasting(a) numbers. A finished number is a number whose factors sum up to the number itself. (6: 1+2+3) surrounded by one and 10,000 there atomic number 18 only four of these; 6, 28, 496 and 8128. The Pythagoreans comp ard this to humankind: very few are perfect, good and beautiful. But smirch in numbers is common, heavy like evil and darkness in stack. The roaring Ratio a/b= 1.618 If you landmark the longest side of a square with the crispy side of the square and founder 1.618 the square has a thriving Ratio. Here is an example: If you divide 3.2 cm with 2.0 cm you dumbfound 1.618. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Therefore the square is considered as a pretty one. Most bulk find things with a thriving proportion beautiful. If you divide your extended top with the height from your feet to your omphalus and get 1.618, youre perfect. The wholesome-off ratio also exists in snails houses and in other diametric subjects in nature. This is very well done and provides a throne of all important(p) information about pythagoras and the pythagorians. Anyone needing information should read this piece. If you command to get a profuse essay, order it on our website:

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