Wednesday, October 30, 2019

None Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 17

None - Assignment Example As matter of fact, the Hindu community must have moved from somewhere. Secondly, Hindu religion traces its origin sometime just before the onset of modernization (Bryant, & Patton, 2005). Notably, the timing of the start of Hinduism and Aryan migration rhyme; supporting the AIT arguments. Moreover, the immigration is assumed to consist of different ethnic groups who after settling united to make a common language and culture. Every theory must be criticized by at least one scholar given that people make different opinions. The critics of AIT are not strong enough to question its viability. For instance, the Aryan inversion theory is based on existence of dead bodies found in a cave (Bryant, & Patton, 2005). However, there is no precise evidence that these bodies were massacred, hence terming the whole theory a weak critique. Though, its not clear whether the Aryans found natives in the region, no invasion evidence exists either. Moreover, the invasion theory was meant to protect colonizers. Culture and social setups differ and may sometimes irritate. Public relations advocate for understanding and accommodating every person’s culture in order to coexist. However, the understanding ought to be two-way, otherwise one party will be humiliated. Non- western cultures are complicated. To me Japanese culture irritates. Though the shame culture has build their reputation, consulting before their tribesmen before making any decision irritates. Secondly, treating strangers with excess suspicion retards their socializing

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