Saturday, January 25, 2014


St. Michael’s College College of Criminology Iligan City BANTAY – KALINGA Community Scanning Questionnaire 1) Please gait how serious you odor the take of wickedness is in your fellowship. [pic]Very undecomposed [pic]Somewhat secure [pic]Serious [pic]Not Too Serious [pic]Not At all Serious 2) In the old three years would you say the take of crime in your familiarity has increased, stayed about the resembling, or less(prenominal)en? [pic]Increased [pic]Stayed to the highest degree the similar [pic]Decreased 3) Would you say the level of practice of law protection in your community has increased, stayed about the same, or decreased over the old three years? [pic]Increased [pic]Stayed About the Same [pic]Decreased 4) Do you billet at that place need to be more police patrols, about the same number of police patrols, or less police patrols in your community? [pic]More practice of law Patrols [pic]About the Same Number of Police Pa trols [pic]Less Police Patrols 5) Does your community have a realm crime observe program? [pic]Yes [pic]No [pic]Dont Know 6) Do you belong to a neighborhood crime hold in? [pic]Yes [pic]No [pic]We do not have a neighborhood crime watch 7) How safe do you see in your community? [pic]Very insecure [pic]Unsafe [pic]Safe [pic]Very Safe 8) In the past three years, have you been a victim of crime in YOUR community? [pic]Yes [pic]No 9) Do you throw a dog for protection from crime? [pic]Yes [pic]No 10) How safe do you feel going out at night in your community? [pic]Very Unsafe [pic]Unsafe [pic]Safe [pic]Very Safe 11) Please rank what you feel are the most cardinal set outs of crime with 1 being Least likely to grow crime and 5 being Most likely to cause crime. | | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | |Unemployment |[pic] |[pic] |[pic] |[pic] |[pic] | |exiguity ! |[pic] |[pic] |[pic]...If you want to create a full essay, order it on our website:

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