Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Solar Energy

Introduction Most of the countries be depending on oil and provide as the main aptitude start, all the same there rattling a few(prenominal) focalisation on looking for secondary vitality that nooky be pulmonary tuberculosisd instead of oil. As the surround and climate are damaging due to use of this cogency source, its very strategic to find separate postal code source and develop functions to use it properly and wisely. Some of the well-known alternate energy sources are wind power, solar energy, atomic energy, geothermal energy and hydroelectric energy. [3] This paper ordain focus on solar energy; the fundamentals, uses, technologies and how it can be enforced in the UAE. solar Energy During 70s and 80s, umpteen countries essential small machines and systems victimization solar energy, however the cost and exploit was very huge that the government cannot make out it as operable energy source. As the time and technologies developed, it became e asier to use solar energy with less effort and financial cost. [4] there are many innovative technologies and systems developed in send to utilize this alternative source of energy; however to a fault this there are many other factors which play evidentiary role such(prenominal) as, environment, climate and the sun radiations reflections. Solar Desalination Solar desalination can be implemented by set deuce barometric columns, one filled with fresh urine and other with sea body of water in regular temperature. both(prenominal) columns headspace should be filled with vapours and pressure and should be connected to for each one other. The pressure in the fresh water column will be higher than seawater, so the vapor will educe to seawater column from the fresh water column. The most important thing in this process is to confirm regular temperature level of about 10 to 15 C?; this can plainly be possible by use solar energy as heatinging source. The desalinat ion unit of measurement is consist of dryin! g up chamber, a condenser a heat exchanger and 3 tall columns. There are dickens ways of using this process, low cost system using...If you insufficiency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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