Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ben Carson Summary

The book Gifted Hands tells you a little about what Ben Carson went through during his life. The beginning of the story, explains that Ben was a poor kid who grew up in the streets of Detroit. Sonya, Bens aim had seemed to work constantly. She worked almost 24/7 to support Ben & his brother Curtis. They were very poor. The job that she works at did not pay very well. Carson did not do too well in school. He seemed to struggle a lot, and kids always made fun of him by transaction him by the name of dumb kid. Up until he reached the age of 11 his start out, and a few of his school teachers helped motivate him into development an pursual in school. He than began to start doing well, and soon kids stop job him names. His classmates also started to come to Ben for help. At a point of time, Ben and his previous(a) brother Curtis seemed to lack school work & did very horrible. That is when their grow agnize it and laid down a rule. Her rule was that they all got to memorize a certain amount of television a week, and had to choose a certain amount of books along with physical art object a report on every book they had read. With their mothers help, it made them enjoy reading & writing. They soon began to be good readers. And that was the time when Ben discovered he had an interest in science.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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