Saturday, February 1, 2014

African American History

The salient MigrationIn the late 1800 s , the Emancipation Proclamation was signed . At that time , the vast majority of minaciouss were living in the southeastern United States , and many a(prenominal) were still slaves . After a few more(prenominal) historic period , most starks still lived in the south . This began to channelise in the early part of the 1900 s , around 1914 , as blacks began to incline nuptials . This period of time was known as The wide Migration on that point were many reasons why the immense Migration occurred . What happened first was that in 1913 , at that step forward were estate problems in the southbound , and cotton production started to go down . This meant that at that place were not as many domain jobs operational for the blacks to imbibe , which meant that they needed to m ove elsewhere to start a different kind of job . This happened to coincide with the compose of World War I , when many white gyves had to leave their factory jobs , causing a shortage that black men filled ( HYPERLINK http /network .wikipedia .org entanglement .wikipedia .orgIndustrialization was victorious bulge out during this time , which meant that there were many factory jobs usable for everyone , with liable wages (us . tale .wisc .edu . Blacks were in spades looking for good gainful jobs , rather than being forced to remain in articled servitude where they were performing jobs similar to slavery for low wages . These jobs were operational because of World War I going onAdditional reasons included the recognition that there was less discrimination in the wedlock than the southerly (wikipedia .org . This was likely true because there were more gallerys in the northeastern than the South towards abolitionist ideals . However , while this was true , t here were still many racists in the NorthThe! laws in the South were by all odds worse than those in the North The Jim genus Corvus laws were a ruler laws that made segregation between blacks and whites legal . That meant that while blacks had the aforementioned(prenominal) rights as otherwise citizens in theory , they really did not collapse the same rights There were separate schools , busses , restaurants , and even drink fountains . There were also separate jobs , which limited the economic opportunities of blacks , which was some other factor in moving North HYPERLINK http / vane .factmonster .com www .factmonster .comOnce blacks had moved North , they brought with them many elements of their culture that the North have previously never experienced . This included whop , a form of music that began in this country and which is base on the African American spirituals ( HYPERLINK http /www .lib .uchicago .edu www .lib .uchicago .eduAll of these factors contributed significantly to the Great Migration Black s strand a lack of prospect in the South , based on economic conditions , the Jim Crow laws (which lasted until the mid-1900 s , when the Civil Rights movement began , and the improved conditions in the North . Blacks found that at least some Northerners were more willing to bear them the benefit of the doubtThe Great Migration led to many changes in the history of the country...If you want to bring down a full essay, order it on our website:

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