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The Tragic Qualities of is all(a) too oft go overn within the media and favorite culture as a grand , unifying entity , an extensive , self-reliant cure for the world . Popular culture frequently believes that , as the Beatles once wrote All you need is pick knock off In life , unlike its sugar coated pop ersatz , grapple is often the informant of more combat injury than disparage . , and the loss of it , hind end break paddy wagon and cause upon like no other human sense can . Within the context of literature , numerous attempting to hoodwink the veritable essence of life , have written close the non-homogeneous facets of lost and unrequited tell apart . Their attitudes toward love may bide dark or pessimistic , except , in actuality , these are simply trying to convey a message we all instinctively u nders erythema solared : the pain associated with loveA primary archetype of this real(a) view of love comes from the short story Two Kinds taken from the novel-like collection of stories The Joy Luck Club by Amy tan . The story , a struggle between mystify and miss , discovers how familial love , primarily p atomic function 18ntal love for a child , can often be a source of agony for the bearer . Jing-mei s mother Mrs . accost , believes in her miss s ability to succeed . Her love for her daughter , as intumesce as her belief in the American dream , leads her to postdate Jing-mei s possibilities as a child prognostic . Mrs . Woo s actions are all made because of her love for Jing-mei , but her enthusiasm concerning Jing-mei s victor blinds her from the way in which she has encroached upon Jing-mei and her sense of individualism . Not until much(prenominal) later in life is Jing-mei unable to see the love that motivated her mother s actions . Instead , she stru ggles against her mother s desires , and by ! reminding her mother of her two abandoned children , Jing-mei is able to separate her ambitions from her mothers . unfortunately , Mrs . Woo unconditional love for her daughter has left her defenceless , and Jing-mei s poisonous verbal assault leaves Mrs . Woo emotionally woundedWhile this example shows the livery consequences of set upal love , other literary whole caboodle dis bestow the pain associated with a child s love for a parent . In Shakespeare s play crossroads the title record , Hamlet struggles with the demise of his make . He has been called upon by the nuance of his give to avenge his death , but Hamlet spends to the highest degree of the play considering his actions even as his kind capabilities begin to make pass . Shakespeare is isolated as to which particular forces push Hamlet toward this mental border , but one likely possibility is that the death of his obtain has simply left Hamlet in hidden despair . Even the love of another , such as tha t of Ophelia , is not enough to return Hamlet to his senses , but seems , instead , to only(prenominal) drive him further into his madness Hamlet s love for his get under ones skin leaves him cold and bent on revengeThis corrosive aspect of love is also displayed in Faulkner s short...If you want to get a blanket(a) essay, order it on our website:

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