Thursday, February 6, 2014

Social Identity

Amanda Porter 12 hazardous Men GROUPTHINK VS. MINORITY solve   The jury situation depicted in 12 Angry men had a dish of symptoms that would normally lead to a separate ring phenomenon. For example, the majority of the assemblage had a belief in the incorrupt correctness of their decisionthey were tough a bad person, they had a stereotyped view of the multitude who opposed them (bleeding heart, do-gooders).  There was extreme point pressure to conform, an illusion of agreement (at least in the beginning), legion(predicate) of the jurors engaged in self-censorship (they didnt initially voice their opinions) and stiff personalities that were trying to push the group in a current direction.  Despite these symptoms, the minority was capable to override the majority and curb the vote to NOT GUILTY.  So this was a rare occurrence of minority influence in which a minority of individuals adjure influence the group kinda than the reverse.   So what were the fact ors that gave rise to this phenomenon?     agreement Hendry Fonda, the leader of the minority opinion, always remained reproducible in his face-off to the majority.  In other(a) words, he neer hesitated or wavered, only always stood firm in his conviction. This possesss stack think more(prenominal) deeply about the issue.  Other people probably make the attributionas Joseph Sweeney did (the old man) that if a person is uncoerced to stand up against the entire group and face ridicule, and so he must keep virtually important points to make.  So this kind of consistency against the majority can lead others to cast up their faith in the minoritys beliefs.  AVOID appearing RIGID Although the minority has to be consistent, at the homogeneous time, they have to avoid appearing rigid and inflexible to the majority. In other words, if they are consistent, but still dedicate minded, then it doesnt put the majority on the defensive, and makes them more open to the m inority. Fonda clear did this by saying tha! t he didnt of necessity think that the majority was wrong, but just that he...If you want to fix a full essay, order it on our website:

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