Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Survival Guide

Axia Students Survival Guide: A believe a raw(a) selection guide would be helpful without the online jibeing process. Things such(prenominal) as the educational Resources that argon available, Upholding faculty member Honesty, Setting and Achieving goals, Managing your succession wisely, Fostering construe and Comprehension and Retention, and Applying Personality and Learning Styles. These things atomic number 18 important to recover beca implement you will use them in either class. These things do non change at every(prenominal) during the courses because this is the government agency you learn and this is what you use in every course to learn and accomplish through with(predicate) the class. Using Axia College’s Educational Resources: throughout school of both(prenominal) kind you will need close to resources. You will everlastingly need things such as; libraries, internet, or even an instructor or classmate. It is a bit disparate with online lear ning because every you resources are obviously online. Axia provides many resources for the direction of finding any information you need. The CWE is one example. CWE is the Center for physical composition Excellence. CWE is laid under the subroutine program library tab at the screening of your student page. In the CWE there are guides and tutorials, plagiarism checkers, consultation generators, citation generators, writing guides with writing styles, and much more. In the library home page there are online books, articles, and magazines where you can recall out information you need or when you are works on papers. Axia provides a CME which is the Center for Mathematics Excellence. There are resources all over the Axia student website. If Resources are something you are stressed some not having when learning online at Axia consequently speak out once more because there are more then plenty of resources. sometimes I believe that there are more resources through Axia th en other traditional colleges and universiti! es. Upholding Academic Honesty: I believe upholding academic satinpod is contumaciously a issue that needs to be talked about. Upholding academic honesty is something that is serious...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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