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Samara Aziz 20th century drama coursework Essay Example for Free

Samara Aziz 20th century drama coursework Essay We see how Catherine has an open relationship with her father figure by the way in which she talks and acts around him, but this could be what attracts Eddie to her. Catherine is a very nai ve person. She is a young minded and obviously unaware of her blossoming sexuality. As the play continues, we see Catherine demonstrating a certain closeness to Rodolpho. Now if we take a look at Rodolphos character, we see how he is very different to other men. We see how he likes to sing, dance and make clothes. All these in the 1950s were seen as very feminine but due to Catherines simple intellect she doesnt realise this. All she sees is how he has a very open mind and entertaining character. She is captivated by his charm. We will now look at a conversation between Eddie and Beatrice about Catherine and Rodolpho. Eddie She tell you anything? Beatrice Whats the matter with you? Hes a nice kid what do you want from him? Eddie Thats a nice kid? He gives me the heeby jeebies. Beatrice Ah, go on, youre just jealous. This conversation between Eddie and Beatrice is one of the first signs, which show how Eddie disapproves of Rodolpho. He also talks about him with little respect. But a question to consider, is does Eddie dislike Rodolpho because of the fondness which is growing between him and Catherine or because he is unsure of his own feelings for Rodolpho? Dramatic tension begins to arise between Eddie and Rodolpho as we progress through the play. Maybe because Rodolpho is enforcing Eddie to think about his own feminine side. This, however, could be frustrating Eddie, because of the fact that he is confused about his feelings. Beatrice also plays a part as she feels how her relationship with Eddie is rather dry. Eddie Why? What worries you got? Beatrice When am I gonna be a wife again? Eddie I aint been feeling too good. They bother me since they came. We see Beatrice asking Eddie when shes going to be wife again or in other words when their sexual relationship is going to bloom. This shows tension between the two characters as we see them both feeling very uncomfortable with each. I would stage right, while Beatrice is stood directly in front of him, but the two characters would avoid looking straight at each other. The narrator in this play also has the role of a character, which makes him different to other narrators. His role changes from narrator to the lawyer, Alfieri. As a character, Alfieri listens and gives advice to Eddie. He slips from being a narrator to a character. Here we see a conversation between Alfieri and Eddie. Alfieri But, Eddie, shes a woman now. Eddie Hes stealing her from me! Alfieri She wants to get married Eddie she cant marry you, can she? Here we see a heated conversation about Catherine and the fact that Eddie is unhappy about her marrying Rodolpho. Alfieri listens to Eddie but also tells him what he thinks. As a narrator, the story is told through flashbacks pointing out major elements of the play such as the beginning paragraph in Act 2. Alfieri On the twenty-third of that December a case of Scotch whisky slipped from a net while being unloaded The narrator uses precise language to make sure the audience understand. A very clear description is given. If you looked into the narrators character I would describe his as a kind of a symbol of fate as he is watching down on all the characters. If I were to stage the narrator, Id stage him visible, behind the set, on a bridge, looking down on all of the characters. This symbolises the view from the bridge. By using the thought of the bridge, Miller is applying imagery, as the view from the bridge is the narrators view from the bridge, or, societys view from the bridge. I think that the role of the narrator in A View from the Bridge is very effective in expressing the authors concerns as the narrator covers a variety of different aspects, both socially and moralistically. Miller has shown us that as well as telling the story, the narrator can also take over a number of other roles. I think this is a very good device, which Arthur Miller has used and succeeded in doing so. The symbolism and imagery is also variably used to portray certain images, which are used to help picture the scene, such as the bridge. I think Arthur Miller has put a great amount of thought into this play with which he has proved that he can produce to satisfy the audience. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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