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Itroduction and rationale Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Itroduction and rationale - Research Paper ExampleShe has six honorary doctorial Degrees (Johnson & Webber, 2010). Apart from her acquaintances in the University of Colorado, jean Watson is a member of American Academy of Nursing. Additionally, she is the president of the National unite of Nursing. The most significant accusationer if her elongated research in the area of gracious science and mankind caring. This point of her career created the profile of Jean Watson. Across the nursing field Jean Watson is widely cognize for her expertise in human caring and science. Her contribution in this field led to her publishing of the Jean Watsons hypothesis on human care. The theory is known as the caring theory which was create in 1988 (Johnson & Webber, 2010). The theory was published in the journal of human science and human care. The rationale of choosing the theory In the selection of the theory and theorists, this particular theory is rare in the field of nursing. Few scholar s fall in made progress in coming up with satisfactory detailed publication on human care. According to Johnson & Webber (2010) human care is a neglected field in the aesculapian field. The power advertize argues that human care is one delicate field that explains the existence of numerous medical examination relationships between patients and their medical practitioners. Human care is also an inclusion of other modes of medication apart from the ordinary medical care (Hiott, 2010). Human care theory is a grand range theory. The Caring Theory While creating the theory, Watson had in mind the motive to capture the medical essence of not a pat3eint but the human surroundings of the patient. To be able to achieve this, she included family care and support in the theory and highlighting how valuable family care is in regards to patient recovery. In words by Johnson & Webber (2010) the caring theory creates and emphasizes on the humanistic aspects of nursing but also with the con sideration of scientific knowledge. The general motive of the caring theory is up(a) the medical and social relationship between patients and nurses. The theory by Watson gives duty to nurses as follows Create a healthy relationship with the patients. Approach patients with a positive motive Promote health through hindrance and medical knowledge Spend significant amount of time with the patients Accept the condition and the patient heedless of their status. Treat patient like innocent and holy creatures Have a positive stature in mind, body and spirit when approaching patients Instill hope and faith in patients Assistance in the getting of the basic needs In words by Hiott (2010) the mood of a nurse in a room is responsible for the perception of a patient towards the environment. It may be bright, dull, small, threatening or secure. The author further explains that these provisions of the caring theory give so much authority to nurses to make patients loose in the medical insti tution setting. The theory is based on four concepts human being, health, environment or society and nursing Johnson & Webber (2010). Human being refers to the patients in need of care and medical attention. Health refers to the medical condition of the patient the type of medication the patient is in need of. The environment refers to the provisions of the WHO regarding prissy handling and state of medical institutions Johnson & Webber (2010). Nursing is concerned with provision of healthcare and taking care of the patient. smorgasbord of the theory In the creation of

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