Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Law Of Attraction

The natural police Of AttractionEver since mankind beings evolved, only the strongest, fittest, and wisest survive. But now, with the discovery and study of medicine and the study of the structure of the human body, every(prenominal) humans roll in the hay live healthy lives. However, there are more(prenominal) things that are until now to be discovered and mass seek to find that knowledge and hear more ab come on how things work. Day by day the curiosity of some(prenominal) scientists, philosophers, and physicists increases as they want to know more about how the universe whole works and if there exists a nonher universe with other unkn feature beings and if human beings bunghole have the power to control what gambles in the universe. Fortunately, this power exists and all human beings use it without even knowing so. This power is called the impartiality of draw play, the science of wining more of what a soulfulness wants and less of what s/he doesnt (Losier, 200 7). The justness of attraction was known by some wad many centuries ago only when non many people understood when it started and how it works and therefore was inscrutable as a secret treasure that if found, impart change the world.The honor of attraction began at the beginning of time (Byrne, 2006). It privy even be found in ancient literary productions way before Christ. The origination of such law was even recorded on the Emerald tablet, 3000 BC As within, so without. which means that a psyche from within is the cause and the mortal without is the effect the individual from the inside controls the outcome of his/her carriage (Tan, n.d.). And as adept of the most spiritual t for each oneers, Buddha, rationalizes All that we are is the result of what we have idea What we think, we become. Even the most famous historians, care William Shakespeare, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton, and Plato, utilize this power to achieve what they wanted in life bu t each person in his own way. For instance, Shakespeare delivered the law in his poetry, Leonardo da Vinci portrayed it in his paintings, and Beethoven expressed it through music (Byrne, 2006). This law of attraction give the gate also be found in religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism and it can be found in civilizations as well, like the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, in their writings and stories. The law of attraction isrecorded throughout the ages in all its forms, it can be found in ancient writings through all the centuries.(Byrne, 2006).Most people know about this law and others dont and some use it unconsciously but they dont know how it works. This law very works on thoughts. When a person thinks of something, s/he sends out vibrations from the mind to the outside world and these vibrations act as a attraction that attracts what thoughts that person had. For instance, when a person thinks all day about his/her puerility friend, the bra in sends out vibrations and attracts things about that friend, eventually, that person may get a phone call from that childhood friend or an e-mail or even somebody may mention something about that particular friend. However, this law of attraction has flaws it does not recognize negative thoughts. If a person kept intellection like, dont spill on my new tog or I dont want to fail the course, the law of attraction does not look at the not part it just looks at the key words and acts. in conclusion that person will spoil his shirt or fail the course. However, if that person changed his thinking into a positive one and thought My shirt will ever be clean or I will run the course, s/he will not mess up the shirt or will pass. That is why people should be careful when thinking of something they should always think in a positive way. However, not all people can monitor their infinite thoughts everyday and change every single one of them from negative to positive as this process is exhausting. Fortunately, there is a simple way of altering the way a person thinks into positive thinking and that is by being in a affirm of joy, happiness, and peace. It is known that when a person is happy, the mind sends out substantially vibrations that attracts good stuff. That is why happy people live healthy lives as they attract good things to their lives.Many people dont achieve what they really want and they always feel that they are limited to what things they can get in life. apart from not feeling good about themselves, people dont truly intend in themselves. They dont believe that they can achieve whatever they want in life and that it is impossible. If a person looks at the bright side and believes that zip is impossible s/he will achieve what s/he really wants. There are three simple steps that can divine service a person achieve, these steps are to ask, believe, and receive. A person should ask him/herself what s/he really wants and then s/he should believe in it and feel that they will get it or in truth they already have that thing s/he wants and then eventually with time that person will receive it. But the most key of these steps is to positively believe that you can make it all happen for you.(Harrington, 2009)On the other hand, Ingrid Hansen Smythe, a freelance writer, disagrees completely with the law of attraction concept. He states that the law of attraction concept seems to me that it is like a womanhood using some form of birth control and then cunning back and affirming I will not get pregnant I will not get pregnant It seems obvious that it is the birth control, and not the positive thinking, that is getting the job done.(Smythe, 2007). Smythe (2007) argues that when a person wants something s/he has to work hard to get it there is always something that can help you get what you want. For example, a little boy wants to have a bike. A few months later, his birthday came up and he got some money for his birthday and the n he bought himself the bike. In other words, positive thinking is not the only reason behind a person getting what s/he wants a person cant get what s/he wants just by thinking about it (Smythe, 2007). Moreover, there are many people who suffered in their childhood from emotional and sexual abuse, does that mean that these impartial children thought in a negative way and attracted these negative things to themselves? Yes, our attitudes can and do positively improve our lives, but they do not explain suffering or success. All people suffer. We are not our own creations, tidy products of ideology. We are human beings, hopelessly interdependent, ugly and beautiful, both.(Keating, 2009)Although some people might agree that the law of attraction is not a issue to all problems in life and that it is only made for desperate people to believe in something when there is no hope at all, it actually does bring hope to all people in need of it and other and it also helps people take the rig ht path in life and achieve their dreams.As we discussed the origin and how the law of attraction behaves, it showed to be a powerful law that if all people use it and believe in it, I think, the world may be a better place.

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