Thursday, April 18, 2019

Decision in Paradise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Decision in Paradise - strain ExampleThe familiarity was establishing itself on an island located in south Pacific. My post at this very reputable company is the senior business executive. I am the personal assistant to the company manager who is Alex. Chris, my other friend is the proprietor and the owner of Marvel Construction. My core responsibility as an executive is to unearth the problems at Kava and eradicate them so that the company can attain its goal and fulfill its mission on this most difficult island. However on my arrival at Kava, I realized that my dream did non exist. It was shattered. It was after all not the paradise I had thought it was.Kava is an incapacitated island country determined in the South Pacific. This island is experiencing very hard times and someone should rescue it soon. The island quickly needs reconstructive memory in many areas. Kava Island is aged 15 years and below. It is a culturally diverse island with a combination of people with 50% c oming from innate tribes, French, Americans, Africans, and Spanish. The people of Kava are basically of indigenous belief. As a matter of, 50% of the people have an indigenous faith while the tolerate is a mixture of English, French and Spanish. The main economic activity is farming of spices, cocoa bananas and coffee. They also are involved in extraction of petroleum.Marvel Construction Company is one of the largest edifice companies with an international reputation. The company has over 20 branches across the US. Since its establishment 20 years ago in Nevada, Marvel construction company has expansively grown through the setting up of new premises and expansion of the real ones. Marvel is focused on creating loyalty and value with its clients through the provision of outstanding services, fine products and technology advancement.The mission of Marvel Construction Company to the people of Kava is to bring forth prosperity, and establish a

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