Friday, April 19, 2019

Focus on a single management issue of an organisation (United Nation Essay

Focus on a single management issue of an organisation ( united land or Interpol) - Essay ExampleWhile discussing the below mentioned case we can consider how different positioning of organization behavior comes into play to solve the issue, whether it was solved effectively or not and if not what superfluous can be done to solve it properly. The case study that we will be discussing is about the United Nations The United Nations Competencies, Integrity and core value Reform for the Future Organization Overview Hanhimaki (2008), in his book gave a short but insightful introduction of the United Nations. According to his study we the people of the United Nations was the gather in line behind the formation of the United Nations. It was founded in the year1945 with four major aims. These were to ensure that no warfargon takes place between the countries and there should be peace and harmony ensure that people have trust in fundamental human rights all around the world in every count ry It should chase that burynational law of nature being respected and followed by every country and finally ensure a better standard of life and promoting social progress. The basic problem of the UN was there from the day one. Although, foundation of this luggage compartment reduces the risk of another world war but it was unable have control over inter fights within the countries (Like in middle east Asia). The fundamental human rights were all time low in South Africa for a long period of time, but a not able to ensure that its law helps the people to overcome this issue. So , there are a few drawbacks and limitations also in the utilization of the UN. (Hanhimaki, 2008, pp. 1-3) Present concerns related to the UN According to Mead (2012), bribely Untied nation is a tooth slight organization, which is being flouted and unheeded more often or not by different countries. The consequences of different resolution taken by the UN are almost nil. The greatest example of that is the recent visit of the UN team in Syria, where theyre greeted with artillery barrages. Countries the like Iran , North Korea give no importance to the UNs resolution. According to him, the UN is less prestigious and less potent comparing to that of the 1940s and 1950s. Mead in his study pointed out following reason due to which the UN is becoming less important for the countries worldwide. These are, The toothlessness of its resolution as more and more government simply ignoring it (Mead, 2012). Incoherence of the UN The function of the UN is establish on one idea that the different governments of different countries are very(prenominal) in some literal sense in some parameter, So the power of voting in the general assembly is same for example in case of India as well as Chad.With the increase of irrelevant and small states in the UN assembly, the effectiveness or importance of its decision started to lose its value (Mead, 2012). Outdated Policy and process are one of the majo r concerns of the UN. The security council of the UN is still based on 1945s compromise between thats time political powers like USSR, UK, and USA. China and France were not the major power that time. But at present the permanent members of the Security council of the UN are not the only great powers of the world. Countries like japan and India being the super power not the member of the UN, so they dont take the decision seriously (Mead, 2012). The UN is modify with the representative

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