Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Project planning and control Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Project planning and dictation - Essay ExamplePlanning and control is constituted by four main activities that include scheduling, loading, sequencing and monitoring, and control. Whereas scheduling is about the timing of operations, loading involves the amount of money of work to be done according to available capacity. Sequencing, in turn, involves the order in which the work is to be done (Johnston, Chambers and Slack, 2007). Consequently, monitoring and control involves ensuring that all the other members argon going according to plan. Organizations are frequently involved with processes, movement of materials, finished goods and services that need seemly planning and control. It is, and then, important to either firm that wants to effectively perform and compete in todays highly sophisticated useable business environment (Kerzner, 2009). To successfully coordinate all functions in line with an organizations goals and objectives, commission is increasingly being faced wit h the need for proper planning and control. Managers, therefore, need to properly understand the prefatory components of proper planning and analysis of projects. ... All these day-to-day activities of a project coordinator therefore need proper planning and control techniques, and hence my interest in this discipline. As a project coordinator, I therefore feel most aligned to the selected topic. Effects / Benefits Having time perioded out my work as a project coordinator as the main reason for identifying the topic, it is important also to point out the effects or benefits it has on my personalised objectives in line with my career. First is the issue of scheduling as discussed in the overview of the selected topic. My work as a project coordinator usually involves a lot of allocations and timing for various events, processes and individuals involved. A critical and comprehensive overview of the component that forms an important element of my daily operations is therefore of gr eat benefit to my work as a project coordinator because it further equips me with the technical as well as the theoretical knowhow on the subject. The success of every project relies on proper planning, and no project coordinator can ignore planning (Carmichael, 2006). Planning, in turn, depends on appropriate scheduling and control measures that have been put in place to ensure that it succeeds. Another area of project coordination is that of preventing risks associated with failures or uncertainties that are associated with unrecognized future drawbacks in the course of planning. Proper control measures learnt in this topic such as demand forecasting and push or pull control mechanisms give go a long way in ensuring that my work is based on an enlightened point of view rather than working towards a failure. Moreover, managing the staff for a

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