Sunday, April 7, 2019

College Degree Essay Example for Free

College Degree EssayWhen in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for ace individual to dissolve the bands which has connected him to a low salaried career with little hope for advancement, and to run into that the powers that be go forth non offer him the promotions and recognition that he feels he deserves to which the laws of nature and natures God entitles him, a decent respect to the hope he has for his future requires that he should declare the steps which he will take to pass the addresss which he has situate for himself. . I bonk many goals which I hope to achieve through the pass onment of my degrees.For the purpose of this recourse I will delve into three of them. The first goal I stomach is to attain a higher paying job. The second goal that I have is to work my way into a position of leadership. Fin altogethery, neither my father, mother nor brother has gone to college therefore it is my liking to be the first of our family to attain a degree. In the job market today high paying jobs are at a premium. I believe I heard a statistic once that verbalise the average income for a single income legal residence is around fifty-thousand dollars. I have lived in this income bracket and know how difficult it can be to maintain a household on that income.With a house retribution and two car payments and everything else that goes into maintaining a home that can quickly drain a families finances. I lately in additionk a higher paying job, in the upper sixties and just that small increase in salary has done wonders for my families cash flow. I hope to attain a position which pays in the mid-nineties to low one-hundreds and beyond. Most jobs which pay high salary require as a requisite that the person in that position has a high train of education. Typically, the higher the level of education the higher the level of pay.I have always had many leadership qualities and I enjoy working with others to sponsor them succeed. lead off ers a unique opportunity to guide others and help them along their paths of success. I do not heartbeat my individualised success on how high of a leadership position that I can attain but rather the number of people that I can help to achieve the goals which they have set for themselves. Whether it be helping others increase knowledge or accomplish goals or just help them along their move around, I know that from a position of leadership I can help others in this way.That is why I wish to be a leader. Many positions of leadership require that you have degrees to go with your experience, so that is how I am hoping that a college degree will help me. Finally, I have a personal goal of being the first in my family to earn a college degree. Being a parent I know now that the old adage is true, parents always want their kids to do better in emotional state than they have done. I know this is true of my parents. They have always hoped that I would do better than them and have always encouraged and supported me along that path.When I look back upon my college career it will be with a sense of pride knowing that this is something that my parents wanted for me just as much as I have desired it. I also know that my parents have a great hope and chance that I provide a good life for their grandson and while money and recognition are not everything they certainly take some of the burden of raising a child off of you. In summation, all of my goals of earning degrees revolve around my son. When my son was born I immediately knew that I had to return to school.I had been floundering for too long in lower paying positions with little hope for advancement. My father provided a stable home as I was growing up, we never had to worry about money or food. My hope is that I will provide that and more for my family. By attaining a college degree I put my self into a much better position to attain a position which pays higher salaries. Additionally, it will allow me to help oth ers by being in a position of leadership. Finally, the pride that I will have in myself and the pride that I know my parents and family will have in me will make the whole journey that much sweeter.

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