Tuesday, May 14, 2019

5 questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

5 questions - Assignment exemplificationcaused by physical factors such as exercise, hereditary and environmental factors such as radiation, pollution and climatic changes and personality traits. In addition, socio-economical factors in a cultural context that gives the human being the ability to interact communicate and position presented in the society such as education, wealth and the place of residence. However, nutrition factors or metabolic factors determine the rate human growth and suppuration in the form of physical and cognitive characteristics. In addition, technology development plays a crucial role in the modern human development in the manner in which human beings acquire and control other factors such as environmental pollution, hereditary factors as easily as social factors such as occupation (Rubenstein & Rakic, 2013).2) The description of the divisions and systems of the mammalian nervous system, e.g. the central nervous system (areas of the brain, spinal cord) a nd peripheral nervous systems and their respective function (s)The gross(a) organization of the Nervous System is divided into two divisions, the peripheral and the central nervous and their respective subdivisions some(prenominal) in functions and architecture. As single unit, the mammalian nervous system is responsible for the production, control as well as guidance on all mammalian actions, thoughts, and responses to their daily activities. However, each division and system is severalise by different architecture and function. The peripheral nervous system division consists of the nerves connected flat to the mammalian skin, muscles, body organs as well as blood vessels excluding those nerves that are link to the skull and the spinal column (Rubenstein & Rakic, 2013).Peripheral nervous system divisions include the somatic nervous system and self-acting nervous system. Somatic nervous system is further subdivided into afferent and efferent nerve fibers responsible for mammal ian physical sensation and voluntary movements.

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