Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Negotiation and Conflict Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

dialogue and involution - Essay Example2. Circumstances ground on the Power circumstanceor Under the circumstance that ane party has more power than the another(prenominal) the negotiation often progresses in favour of the more tendinous person. This is in the main applicable in the case of employer employee, jailor prisoner, competitors, commitments, experienced fresher, etc. (Herb Cohen, 2004, Pg 40 70)3. Circumstances based on the information factor This is applicable when one of the negotiating partys has more information than the other. This is mostly applicable in relationships between manufacturer and wholesaler. But it is widely applicable in the all brand-new buy from China trend. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer has a deep knowledge of the production unconscious process and the costing of the product and under most cases the marketer of the product has none. (Herb Cohen, 2004, Pg 76 89)4. Telephonic negotiation Negotiation on the telephone is a whole lot tougher then it seems. Of course, it is easy to speak and curse the other party baffling in the negotiation but the other party can do the selfsame(prenominal) and telephonic negotiation will not only give you a chance to speak more fluently then in person but it will give the other party involved the same benefits and under most cases the caller loses because by calling your client or supplier youve already proven that you (the calling party) need him more then he needs you.5. Information of BATNA (Better alternative to the negotiating agreement) (Lewicki, Roy J, Barry, Bruce and Saunders, David M, 2007) In the case you are already prepared with the BATNA and the other party comes to know of it. You may just as well suppose that youve already lost your present negotiation agreement and you might have to rent an agreement that is even worse off then the BATNA itself.Yes. I definitely consider Distributive dicker as a dominant form for any negotiation strategy. This is due to the basic and known fact

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