Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cultural Issues and Business in the Russian Federation Research Paper

Cultural Issues and Business in the Russian Federation - Research Paper ExampleIn terms of social protocol, there argon not many differences between Russian culture and Western culture. However, specific cuisine and the custom of first-time coming together and gift exchange is common. For instance, if an individual cable associate is invited to the home of an new(prenominal), it is expected that they should bring a gift, either for the family as a whole or at the very least for children that might be exhibited deep down the household. As far as taboos, it is expected that individuals will remove their shoes once entering somebody elses place of residence. Traditionally, male and female interactions do not differ greatly as compared to other Western European nations and gestures and body language remains ultimately the same as well.Furthermore, with respect to the financial system, the Russian Federation, as well as the Soviet Union before it, has operated on the monetary whole of the rubble for centuries. The rule, of course, fluctuates with respect to its overall strength against the dollar however, at the current time, the ruble is approximately 291 USD. Compared to the United States, wages paid to workers are of course quite low. For instance, the average salary within the Russian Federation per year does not yet approach $20,000. The greatest expense with respect to doing business has to do with the long wait times and difficult to navigate bureaucracy defined so ofttimes of the Russian Federation. For instance, many firms have found themselves waiting up to one year for a let as simple as gaining access to existing public water.

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