Sunday, May 5, 2019

Is television a boon or a bane Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Is video recording a boon or a bane - Essay ExampleThe theme of the article revolves slightly the change our society, attitudes and priorities have undergone along with the percolation of television, internet and media in our lives. Joshua feels that our present space is becoming progressively virtual than real like it was in the earlier days. We are no longer with ourselves, our loved ones and our surroundings rather, we are more than focused and bothered about global issues, politics, entertainment , natural calamities in far-flung continents and so on . Although it is commendable to be aware of what is happening on our planet, it does not make our vicinity problems or our loved ones sorrows any little important. Joshua aptly sums up the scenario in a single statement- the more we rely on our video window, the less relation there is in the midst of where we are and what we know and experience, the less theres a relationship between where we are and who we are.Television ha s broken down all barriers between men and women, adult and children, ethnic groups and nations. Today, if one does not have enough money to travel to exotic places, the option of clicking the remote and switching to a travel program is always there. Children of all ages are open to things that their earlier days counterparts had not even heard of.

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