Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Analysis of the Research of Professor Zachary Holman Essay

abstract of the Research of Professor Zachary Holman - Essay ExampleSubsequently, the seek conducted by Zachary Holman addresses the vital uses of nanoparticles in electronic devices and solar devices. Consequently, the research highlights the properties exhibited by the nanoparticle and the effect that each property has in regard to the functioning of the nanoparticles.Zachary Holman in his research tries to answer the scientific question of whether it is viable to produce inexpensive power using the full spectrum of sunshine as the source of the get-up-and-go production. The viability of the energy production by the sunlight rays is at any clock time of day. Moreover, the research paper by Zachary Holman attempts to answer the scientific question of the possibility of the nanoparticles in the solar energy to produce sustainable power enough for human consumption. The nanoparticle produces energy using the properties that already exist indoors the micro-nanoparticles.In his re search project concerning Solar Concentrating Photovoltaic Mirrors, Zachary Holman discusses the optics technology. The optics technology entails the use of products and materials such as the slew mirrors and lenses. The reason for conducting the project is to discover means of concentrating sunlight over a smaller surface playing field of photovoltaic cells in order to generate power. The heat skins product, which has a relationship with the research that Zachary Holman is undertaking, helps keep the solar cells cool. The technological design of the photovoltaic concentrators is also relatable to the research that Zachary Holman is currently conducting.

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