Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Hunters: Moonsong Chapter Twenty-Four

Giggling, beautiful tripped on her way sight the stairs, her foot access right out of her high-heeled shoe.Here you go, Cinderel a, Zander express, picking up the shoe and kneeling in front of her. He helped slip her foot bet on into it, his fingers warm and steady once against her instep.Bonnie gave a mock curtsy, muffling her laughter. Thank you, mlord, she state flirtatiously.She felt fabulous, so sil y and happy. It was almost as if she was drunk, but shed only had a hardly a(prenominal) sips of beer. No, she was drunk. inebriate on Zander, on his kisses, his gentle hands, and his big blue eye. She took his hand, and he smiled down at her, that long thick smile, and Bonnie just absolutely quivered.Seems like the partys wrapping up, she said, as they hit the first floor. It was substantive y crossting late, almost two oclock. There were only a few groups of hard-core partiers left a bunch of frat boys by the keg, some theater-department girls dancing with great wide swoo ps of their arms, a couple sit hand in hand at the bottom of the stairs in deep conversation. Meredith, Stefan, Samantha, and Matt had disappeared, and if Elena had eer shown up, she had left, too. Zanders friends had gone, or been kicked out.Good-bye, good-bye, Bonnie caroled to the few people who remained. She hadnt veritable y gotten a chance to talk to some(prenominal) of them, but they al looked perfectly nice. Maybe next time she went to a party, shed stay longer and real y bond with people she hadnt met before.Look at al the new friends her friends had made on campus. Bonnie gave a special wave to a couple of people shed seen Matt with lately a short guy whose name she thought was Ethan and that girl with the dark curls and dimples. Not freshmen. She loved everyone tonight, but they deserved it most, because they had seen what a wonderful guy Matt was. They waved masking at her, a little hesitantly, and the girl smiled, her dimples deepening.They seem real y nice, Bonn ie told Zander, and he glanced back at them as he opened the door.Hmmm, he said noncommittal y, and the look in his eyes, just for a minute, made Bonnie shiver.Arent they? she said nervously. Zander looked away from them, back toward her, and his warm bril iant smile spread across his face. Bonnie relaxed the frostyness shed seen in Zanders eyes must fetch been just a trick of the light.Of course they are, Bonnie, he said. I just got distracted for a sec. He wrapped his arm nearly her shoulders, pul ing her close, and dropped a kiss on the top of her head. She sighed contentedly, cuddling up against his side.They walked unitedly companionably for a while. Look at the stars, Bonnie said softly. The night was clear and the stars hung bright in the sky. Its because its head start to get colder at night that we can see them so Well. Zander didnt answer, only made a hmming efficacious deep in his throat again, and Bonnie glanced up at him through with(predicate) her eyelashes. Do you want to get breakfast with me in the morning? she asked. On Sundays, the cafeteria does make-your-own waffles, with lots of different toppings. Delicious.Zander was staring off into the distance with that comparable half-listening expression he had the last time they walked across campus together. Zander? Bonnie asked cautiously, and he frowned down at her, spiny his lip thoughtful y.Sorry, he said. He took his arm off of Bonnies shoulders and backed away a few steps, smiling stiffly. His whole body was tense, as if he was about to take off running.Zander? she asked again, confused.I forgot something, Zander said, avoiding her eyes. I have to go back to the party.Oh. Il come with you, Bonnie offered.No, thats okay. Zander was shifting from foot to foot, glancing over Bonnies shoulders as if, short, hed kind of be anywhere than with her. Abruptly, he surged forward and kissed her awkwardly, their teeth knocking together, and then he stepped backward and turned, walkway in th e other direction. His strides lengthened, and soon he was running away from her, disappearing into the night. Again. He didnt look back.Bonnie, suddenly alone, shivered and looked around, peering into the darkness on al sides. She had been so happy a minute ago, and now she felt cold and dismayed, as if she had been hit with a splash of freezing cold water.You have got to be kidding me, she said aloud.Elena was trembling so hard that Damon was afraid she might just shake herself apart. He wrapped his arms around her comfortingly, and she glanced up at him without real y seeming to see him, her eyes glassy.Stefan she moaned softly, and Damon had to fight down a sharp stab of irritation. So Stefan was overreacting.What else was new? Damon was here, Damon was with her and supporting her, and Elena needed to realize that.He was tempted to grab Elena hard by the chin and make her real y look at him.In the old days, he would have done just that. Hel , in the old days, he would have sen t a flush of Power at Elena until she was docile in his hands, until she didnt even remember Stefans name. His canines prickled longingly just thinking of it. Her derivation was like wine.Not that expecting Elena to give in to his Power meekly had ever worked particularly Well, he admitted to himself, his speak curling into a smile.But he wasnt like that anymore. And he didnt want her that way. He was trying so hard, although he hated to admit it even to himself, to be worthy of Elena. To be worthy of Stefan, even, if it came right down to it. It had been comforting to final y have his baby brother looking at him with something other than execration and disgust.Well, that was over. The tentative truce, the beginnings of friendship, the brotherhood, whatever it had been between him and Stefan, was gone.Come on, princess, he murmured to Elena, helping her up the stairs toward her door. Just a little farther. He couldnt be sorry they kissed. She was so beautiful, so alive and vibra nt in his arms. And she tasted so good.And he loved her, he did, as far as his hard smell was capable of it. His peach curled again, and he could taste his own bitterness. Elena was never going to be his, was she? Even when Stefan turned his back on her, the self-righteous idiot, he was al she thought about. Damons free hand, the one that wasnt cupping Elenas shoulder protectively, tightened into a fist.Theyd reached Elenas room, and Damon fished in her purse for her keys, unlocking the door for her.Damon, she said, turning in the doorway to look him straight in the eyes for the first time since before Stefan caught them kissing. She looked pale stil , but resolute, her mouth a straight line. Damon, it was a mistake. Damons heart dropped like a stone, but he held her gaze. I know, he said, his voice steady. Everything wil work out in the end, princess, youl see. He forced his lips to turn up in a reassuring, supportive smile. The smile of a friend. wherefore Elena was gone, the do or to her room shutting firmly behind her.Damon spun in his tracks, cursing, and kicked at the wal behind him. It cracked, and he kicked it again with a sour satisfaction at the feeling of the plaster splitting.There was a muted plain coming from behind the other doors on the floor, and Damon could hear footsteps approaching, someone coming to investigate the noise. If he had to accept with anyone now, hed probably kil him. That wouldnt be a good idea, no matter how much he might jollify it for the moment, not with Elena right here.Launching himself toward an open hal window, Damon smoothly transitioned to a crow in midair. It was a substitute to stretch his wings, to pick up the rhythm of flying and feel the breeze against his feathers, lifting and supporting him. He flew through the window with a few strong beats of his wings and flung himself out into the night. Catching the wind, he soared recklessly high despite the darkness of the night. He needed the rush of the wind agai nst his body, needed the distraction.

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