Friday, May 24, 2019

Technology Today

Todays technology is progressing faster than anyone has ever expected and is changing the management that we live our lives. Technology is athletic supportering us in some ways, but it is also hurting us in other ways. The biggishgest change that we be experiencing is the way that we go. We retain legion(predicate) different ways to communicate with each other, especially comp ard to 20 years ago. We now have cell phones that butt joint do only if ab out(p) anything and that make our daily lives much easier and answer us to get things done in a more orderly fashion.The top three things changed communications are the texting, amicable networking, and the Smart phones. In my credence the pros outweigh the cons in the new ways of communication. It is not only a respectable way to keep in interlocutor with friends and family, but it peck help save lives in emergencies. Texting is becoming one of the most touristy forms of communication. It is very convenient because it ma kes getting in contact with psyche very simple and you dont have to interrupt multitude enchantment they are having conversations.You screw check up on pictures and videos that your friends or family wanted you to distinguish that they recorded, just by having them choose the picture and then having them send it to your phone, where you can then view the pictures or watch the video. Texting is very staple fibre, when you want to talk to someone you use your phone key pad and you simply hit the letters on the keys to spell the word. and so you just continue from there to complete what center you need to send to that person. It takes cartridge holder to really get good at texting, but once you get it your going to be hooked.Texting can be good in many an(prenominal) ways and many parents like texting because it is one of the quickest ways to get a hold of one of their children. A masses of kids do not answer their phone for calls because they are in class or they are havin g a conversation and they do not want to be ill-mannered and interrupt the person that they are talking to, so they just ignore the call and often times forget to get back to whoever was calling them. If they would have texted them they would have gotten a text back within minutes depending upon what the question.It allows people to be polite and not have to answer calls when in a agency of people that maybe trying to focus on studying or in a office. There are also times when you cant make voice calls because you dont have enough reception, but you have enough to send a text to one of your friends. This sometimes can be very important because lets say you wreaked your car and you cant get reception to make a call and you can use a text and alert someone that you need help. Some people feel less scared to contact someone if they can just text them and this sometimes can help kids who are afraid to talk to people to help them build self-esteem.Overall if we didnt have text communi cate we would be limited to a lot less options in order to get in contact with people that we need to contact. Social networking is a big part of the current generation and is being used by most kids to keep in contact with their friend and to provide people with the entertainment of perceive what others are doing and seeing what they are talking about with others. There are many different sites for favorable networking, the most popular are Facebook, MySpace, and twitter.Facebook is more popular amongst college students and Myspace is more toward the grade school students. Twitter is a different than the others because it allows you follow what people are doing and thinking about more than any of the other social networking sites. The people that are on twitter are usually posting what they are thinking about and what they are currently experiencing. They usually post a lot more stuff than on Facebook or Myspace. Twitter is very cool for the reason that you can follow famous peop le and see what it is that they are doing or thinking about.It helps people follow their favorite people and it helps them to better get to know what they go through in their daily life. Each social networking site offers something a little different, but they all offer some form of communication. Social networking is a majuscule place to build social skills and self-esteem. Those who are not as forthcoming as others can build social skill and can help them in the future. There are a lot of people that are too shy to be able to make friends and then in the future they dont have people skills and in most jobs these skill are very important to succeed.Social networking sites can also motivate people to do well because some people see that their friends are working hard to finish a paper and they realize that they are not the only person that has a paper to work on. Then they have more motivation to work harder. People can communicate with family and friends that they have not seen in a long time. There are many situations that would cause people to not have seen their friends and family and social networking helps them to keep in contact. It provides a lot of entertainment to those who dont have anything to do.It familiarizes people with how to do basic html and how to upload photos to the internet. It teaches those who are not as good with computers as others to get to know how to do basic html and other basic programming. Social networking teaches people a lot of things, which can help people to better understand computers. Smart phones are the most powerful cell phones on the market and they basically make your phone into a computer because you can do a lot of stuff that your computer can do on a apt phone. They are very useful for being productive while being on the go.They make life a lot easier because while youre out, you can conveniently check your email, check your facebook, and look up what you need to bring on a business trip. The most popular smart phone is the Iphone. It is the best smart phone that is currently on the market, and has set up a posting of great applications to really be ready for your day. The menu is very user friendly and is considered a digital assistant. These phones are very popular amongst business people because it is very helpful to get documents on the go.They are the most expensive of phones because of their advanced features. Smart phones are great because they have many features to help your productivity a lot. The smart phone has features that help people finish their work while they are not in reach of a computer. This is really good because it helps people with time management and it can help people become better at writing because they will have more time to correct their mistakes if they have not wasted time sitting around at an airport or while sitting on a bus.Smart phones can be educational because as many people do they spend a lot of time learning and asking questions on the internet ab out how to do things and why things work the way they do. People can keep in contact better with smart phones because there are so many different types of communications. They can help people to make friends because of the various forms of communications. These phones can help you save money because of the built in GPS features. If someone gets lost all they have to do is type in where they need to be and the phone will tell the person where they need to go.Then you wont waste gas drive further out of your way. Smart phones are very helpful in many ways and are very educational to those who are looking for knowledge. Communication is changing in many ways and it is only enhancing our lives for the better. Communications are very important to our future. They hold the secret to many problems our country is suffering from. If we can use these great options, it could really advance how the world functions. The world is changing faster than ever and we should reap the benefits of it.

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